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Welcome to Chrystal News:
Welcome to our Christmas Newsletter, we hope you have enjoyed the news we have shared with you since starting our Chrystal Newsletter in 2015, we have certainly appreciated all the response and the feedback about all the new business we have helped you our valued customers secure.

At this festive season it's a time to reflect on the objective we both share in delivering value for money programs for our valued customers and ensuring that we have transparency wherever the message and programs are presented, after all seeing is believing and nothing compliments you more and secures the customer loyalty long term than honesty value and a clear message!

I think it's now time for us to say thank you for all your customer and loyalty in 2015 and wish you and all your staff a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year, see you in 2016. 
Vehicle Visuals
Our animation program has really come on a storm this year with many new 3D animations and new services such as SMS PDF and Email opportunities to communicate directly with your customers, never missing the opportunity to secure new work and to enhance the quality of the customer journey.

New for 2016 will be our eVHC program which will add an exciting option for all our customers to support Red and Amber work linked to animations that explain to the customer how and why the service or repair is required. Service and Profit are linked to this Health Check system and we as always strive to deliver new exciting opportunities for you our valued customer.
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Rewards Program
As mentioned in the earlier edition the need to supply a rewards program that links your customer to you not the local Argos Store is essential to keeping your customers coming back for repeat service and repair work. So no free pizzas or new TV offers just logical offers on points saved towards a % discount on service and parts such as Brakes and Tyres. 

In January 2016 we will be introducing new membership packs and offers so remember to request your information pack to start the year with a real bang!

Euro Roller
Our success with the Euro Roller Exhaust Extraction continues and we would like thank all of you who have purchased several for your workshop or simply one to ensure compliance with Health and Safety, we look forward to increasing our service and success to you our customer in 2016.

New iPad App - have you got yours yet?
Our new iPad App is literally flying off the shelf at the APP Store, following the last newsletter we received many requests for the Vehicle Visuals App and once we receive your email request we can guide you to receive yours free of course as a member.  Manufactures including Volkswagen have taken advantage of our skill with designing iPad Apps and that skill is available to you today!

All you need to do is obtain your iPad App code from the information on the admin system or just send us an email now and we can help you! 

Let us help you with your marketing campaigns
The Autumn/Winter months bring new opportunities to share information and services with your customers, don't wait until it's too late, plan today! 

Contact us for ideas and support with emails and marketing campaigns, embeds to your own web site, even how to upload seasonal animations to your own waiting room "Monitor" to share the services you offer and to increase your profitability and customer service.

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