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Welcome to Chrystal News:
Welcome to our September Newsletter and we hope you are enjoying the updates to keep you informed of our services and to share any customer reactions that you may benefit from.

Autumn is with us and Winter is not far behind, so planning to offer relevant services to your customers should be well under way. Preparation for the change in weather can be complimented with our animations either in email campaigns for Cooling Systems or Winter Tyre offers, either way we are here to help and the best news is it is a free service to you our customer. So please remember "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Have a great month of business and we look forward to hearing from you with your feedback and requests for service opportunities.
New iPad App is proving a real hit!
Our new iPad App is literally flying off the shelf at the APP Store, following the last newsletter we received many requests for the Vehicle Visuals App and once we receive your email request we can guide you to receive yours free of course as a member.  Manufactures including Volkswagen have taken advantage of our skill with designing iPad Apps and that skill is available to you today!

All you need to do is obtain your iPad App code from the information on the admin system or just send us an email now and we can help you! 

Don't forget the PDF button..
The PDF article was a real winner with many of our customers using the service to supply information before and after the work has been completed on the customers' vehicle, ensuring the best in customer service and transparency.

The PDF icon is in the Menu blue button below each animation.  Go on, try it today! 

Let us help you with your marketing campaigns
The Autumn/Winter months bring new opportunities to share information and services with your customers, don't wait until it's too late, plan today! 

Contact us for ideas and support with emails and marketing campaigns, embeds to your own web site, even how to upload seasonal animations to your own waiting room "Monitor" to share the services you offer and to increase your profitability and customer service.

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Exhaust Extraction - Euro Roller Units
Don't forget to get your "Exhaust Extraction" orders into us, we sold out following the last newsletter which we thank all our loyal customers for and they are great value!

So if you have a need for extra Exhaust Extraction purchase one of our portable Euro Roller Units.  It not only keeps you up-to-date with Health & Safety but also shows your staff and customers that you really care about their health!

Customer Rewards Program
We are consistently looking for new ideas for our customers and on the planning tracker we have a Customer Rewards Program and an eVHC program that may assist many of our customers looking to improve their current offering.

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