With some really interesting builds and some newly received really REALLY interesting orders, we’re having a good time these days.
We also have more instruments available than we’ve had for quite a while. 
The current group of availables includes a Flyer 13 6 string, a very early Joe Veillette Brazillian rosewood 6-string guitar, a killer Flyer 4 string fretless bass, two electric12-strings, including a 2006 Baritone 12 like the ones we made for Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, Skunk Baxter and Billy Sheehan.
You can check out these and others including a Black Avante 12 string and watch videos on our Available Now page.

It’s always challenging designing the bracing for these instruments. For this Octave Mandolin/Guitar Flyer style double neck, the customer got easy access to all the tuners with an 8-on one side headstock.


Here’s a terrific Aero Electric 6, sister of our popular 12-string. This one’s for a repeat customer in France. who obviously has very discerning taste. 

Another electric 6/12 string double neck, one of the coolest-looking, we’ve done. 

Our customer had some very specific ideas for his Flyer 5 string bass. Traditional F-holes, a long neck, and 24 frets with full access to all of them.
A very elegant, woody-sounding instrument.
We’re now inviting folks to come to the shop to see what goes on here, who makes the instruments, and check out a few pieces.
Give us a call at 845-679-6154 to set up a visit.
We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us or email at
Be Well,
The Veillette Team

Here’s the squad. Left to right: Ande, Joe, Jimmy, and Rod