Custom Singlecut 5 string Bass for Ish Guitars

Hey look at us! Two newsletters in two months. We’re moving to somewhat shorter and more frequent updates for you. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like us to cover.
As usual, we have some new and demo instruments you can see on our Available Now page including acoustics, electrics, and a bass, as well as Avante Gryphons. We’re now offering free “lower 48” shipping for Woodstock and Avante instruments for direct purchase till November 30th.
In this month’s Newsletter we’ll be taking a look at our Veillette Bass models in our current lineup and some favorites from the past. Next issue we’ll take a look at our acoustic and electric double necks.

Over the years Joe’s built some interesting basses for some even more interesting people. From Michael Anthony in Van Halen’s early days to Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews) today. And folks like Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), jazz great Dave Holland, Jason Newsted (6 basses with fiberoptic position markers in his Metallica days), Abba bassist Rutgar Gunnarsson, Billy Sheehan, and Mike Gordon (Phish) in between.

We make four different Bass types and they cover a lot of ground. They all have comfortable body shapes and fast playing necks and great balance. They can be fretted or fretless lined or unlined. For magnetic pickups we use Citron and for piezo we use DTAR piezo and preamp.
Of course you can customize your bass with whatever you want in the way of woods or electronics or anything else.

Our most popular model. Often ordered fretless. Magnetic and piezo pickup with a blend control. It has a unique look and wide range of tones. Two body styles, the Paris Nouveau and the Paris Doublecut. Chambered mahogany or poplar body and a figured maple top, 34” scale mahogany neck. Both come in 4, 5, and 6 string versions.

Similar to the Paris with a carved top and slightly different body shape with an airy, sophisticated sound. Also very popular as fretless. Magnetic and piezo pickups with blend control. The body is chambered mahogany or poplar with Sitka spruce top, a wooden bridge and tailpiece. 34” scale. Available in 4, 5, and 6 string versions.

Short scale bass. 30” scale mahogany neck on a mahogany or poplar chambered body that is a bit smaller than the Paris. The standard model comes with just a piezo pickup in a wooden bridge/tailpiece. Available as a 4 string or 5 string with a high C, and with an additional magnetic pickup option.

The Singlecut is our “classic” electric bass. It has extended body to neck contact and provides easy access to the full fingerboard with its deep cutaway. Mahogany body, figured maple top and 34” scale maple neck. Two Citron pickups, Aguilar preamp and a metal bridge give it a big, punchy sound. Available as 4, 5, and 6 strings.

We've made a lot of very custom basses. A couple of 9 strings, 8 strings (doubled 4 course), 7 strings, a violin bass (!), our version of the Bass VI, and many more, but there have been some production basses we have made and though we don’t feature them, they are still available and still very cool.

Our other classic style bass. A sleek design, compact and well balanced, the Centaur has a no nonsense look whether dressed up in fancy woods or not. Poplar body, lightly figured maple top, maple neck, Individual string bridges, dual Citron pickups, and active EQ provide powerful, flexible tone. Available as 4, 5, and 6 string.

Semi-hollow body. This radiused, spruce topped bass is 14” wide with dual sound chambers that give it a woody, airy sound which can really be brought out with a piezo pickup. Mahogany or Poplar body, mahogany neck, and wooden bridge, Available with 1 or 2 Citron pickups. Available in 4,5, and 6 string.
We make two types of hollowbody basses, the full depth Acoustic Bass and the shallower Flyer Bass. Fretted or fretless lined or unlined, DTAR piezo and 18 V preamp system for great acoustic sound. Volume and tone controls accessible through the sound hole.
Options abound.

We took our experience in acoustic guitars and applied it to an acoustic bass. Bridge placement and bracing are designed to bring out clear acoustic bass tones. Spruce top is standard, mahogany back and sides, and a 34" scale mahogany neck. Available in 4 and 5 string.

The Flyer is a great recording and stage bass with a compact 14” wide body and a radiused top for easy, comfortable playing. The lively bracing and acoustic style bridge give this bass great attack and clarity. Available in 4, 5, and 6 string versions.

We have a number of instruments for sale including recent builds, demos, and trade-ins as well as Avante Gryphons.

New and demo instruments at a steep discount and free shipping to the 'lower 48' until November 15th. If you’re interested, take a look at the Available Now page on our website to get details and check out some videos.

Our featured instrument for this month is a Paris 5 String Fretless Bass. Give us a call and let us know you saw this bass in the Newsletter and get 10% off.
1021 Paris 5 string lined fretless Bass – the latest evolution of the Paris bass this has a poplar body and a nice figured maple top with a mahogany neck and a lined fretless pau ferro fingerboard. Citron magnetic pickup and piezo -equipped Hipshot bridge. Was $3,850 now $3,465
You can buy instruments directly from the website or give us a call. If you want to order a new bass, do it by November 30th and get 10% off.

The Veillette production team is always available to talk about what instrument is best for you. Contact us at 845-679-6154 or

Be Well,
The Veillette team – Ande, Jimmy, Rod, and Joe