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Vela Needs Your Help
This Holiday Season
Dear Families, Supporters, Members and Friends,

Having a baby is the greatest and most life-changing moment in someone’s life (stay with me here). We spend nine months praying that our child will be born healthy, happy and ready to take on the world. You or your partner have just spent hours, maybe days, helping this helpless, alien like creature enter the world. They take their first breath and you feel relief that the baby is here – but something isn’t quite right. Whether the doctors, nurses, or you, notice something different, or perhaps it takes a couple days, weeks, or years, this baby, your baby, requires more. Your baby is poked with sharp needles, and hooked up to loud machines, screaming for you, and you cry because you can’t help them. You know the tests are important. We need to figure out “what’s wrong”. Then one day healthcare professionals diagnose your baby. At that moment you know that your beautiful baby’s life will never be typical. Your life will never be easy. Your other children’s lives will not be like their friends. Raising kids is incredibly rewarding and challenging, but when you have a child with a disability, you face challenges that very few other people understand. If you’re reading this letter and don’t have a child with a disability, then please put yourself in these family’s shoes; imagine if it was your child.

Now What?

You’ve spent years fighting for your child’s rights, accessibly and inclusion. They made it through childhood, moved on to high school, and are graduating to adulthood, now what? Their friends are going to University, moving cities, living on their own. Your child who thrived through life thus far wants their own, independent life. You want to provide them with the best life they can achieve. But this isn’t as easy as it would be for most young adults. How will they live without you? Who will care for them? You learn about Microboards and how it will provide your son or daughter with control of their living situation, help provide independence, manage their supports, and create a home. Your son or daughter won’t be sent to an institution where you leave sick to your stomach unsure of how they’re being treated.

Remember How a Microboard Helped

We ask you to remember, or imagine, this struggle. Families continue with this struggle. Remember how thankful you were once you learned about Microboards. How did it impact your life? Your son or daughter’s life? Please help us provide that feeling to new families. If you don’t have a family member with a Microboard then we ask you to try and put yourself in the shoes of parents of children with disabilities, or the shoes of others with disabilities and how much they crave to have the life they choose. A Microboard provides people with disabilities with an opportunity to create a lifestyle and living situation that they dictate, with the supports they need, without forfeiting their happiness. A lifestyle like anyone else.

Please Make A Contribution

We are contacting you today because we, Vela Canada, are struggling. We are in more demand, but don’t have the finances to service more families. Heck, we may not even have enough money to continue helping the families we already work with. We are in dire times and are asking you this Christmas to pick Vela Canada as your charity of choice. Every dollar donated goes directly to helping family’s set-up or maintain their Microboard.

Please help by making a donation to Vela Canada:
We thank all our past, current and future donors. Every dollar helps.

Thank you and happy holidays,

Christina Thomas
Board President
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