Kent School District

Message to Our Community

As we begin the new year, January is School Board Appreciation Month. As trustees for our schools, the board is responsible and accountable for vision, structure, advocacy, and accountability. Their commitment to public education has a lasting impact on our children and community. And for that, we say thank you!  

Recently, I learned one of our graduates from The Outreach Program (TOP), has earned a bachelor's degree. I want to congratulate Mr. Paul Butler on this achievement and recognize that he is the first TOP graduate to achieve a four-year degree. Congratulations to him and his family, and to the TOP staff members who supported him.  

A few weeks ago, we experienced inclement weather that impacted our school schedule. There were a number of staff, including custodians and maintenance staff, principals, and our inclement weather team, who worked to keep our schools safe during the freezing temperatures. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your work and to our students, staff, and families. 


In conclusion, a Strategic Plan progress update was presented to the school board at their January 10 work session. I thank our staff for their focus on the priority initiatives and their work to begin implementation. I am confident that with the diligence and dedication of our staff, we will be able to achieve our shared vision. I look forward to the future, and to continuing to make meaningful progress towards our goals.  

Graduation Rate Increases

I am proud to announce our 2023 graduation rate has increased to 90.7%. This is also significantly above the state’s graduation rate of 83.6%. There are many factors that support this graduation rate, including our amazing teachers, administration, and support staff. We take pride in our graduates and dedicated staff members who work tirelessly to ensure that students receive the quality education and essential skills they need to embark on successful career paths. 

Budget Update

As communicated this past year, Kent School District, along with many other districts in our state, is facing financial challenges due to declining birthrates and enrollment, along with rising inflation costs, and the expiring Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund, also known as ESSER. Read more...

Students & Staff

Glenridge Principal Bridget MacKinnon-Schroedel observes a second-grade class where students are learning about the silent "k" in the word knife. The teacher started with a reminder about the magic "e" at the end of the word, which made the letter "i" stand up and say its name.

Soos Creek Principal Anna Alvarez visits a classroom to observe literacy instruction. Student learning was focused on regular and irregular nouns and demonstrating their learning with peers.

Cedar Heights Middle School Hosts First Lego League State Semifinals

Principal Hanson said that “it was a fun weekend for all, and unfortunately, we did not have student teams that advanced to the semifinals." Thank you to the Cedar Heights staff for giving up your weekend to support students. Thank you to the students from Cedar Heights, Kentridge, Kentlake for volunteering to help, and to the Cedar Heights PTSA for coordinating concessions. 

Community & City Partners

January is National Mentoring Month 

Mentorship is defined in the dictionary as "the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution." I reflect on the many mentors that have helped me throughout the years. I express my gratitude to the mentors and mentoring programs that have dedicated their time and efforts to making a positive impact in the lives of young people.  

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