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5G networks
5G networks promise faster speed for higher data volumes. In the meantime, vending operators need to upgrade to 4G.

Advances in wireless connectivity promise faster Internet connections. 5G technology, which will boost data speeds and improve cloud access, will be available in 2019, according to panelists at the recent CES show in Las Vegas.

5G will offer low latency, which refers to a network's ability to process a high volume of data with minimal delay. According to panelists at CES, low latency will keep the price of the connectivity down by offloading phone memory to the cloud. 

Steve Garret
Steve Garret notes the importance of upgrading to 4G connectivity.
One panelist,  Hans Vestb erg, executive vice president of Verizon, said 5G will give companies new opportunities to engage work forces and connect to customers. Verizon will introduce 5G this year, with an initial focus on residential broadband.

While 5G promises new capabilities, the vending industry first faces the need to upgrade to 4G, said Steve Garrett, a sales engineer for OptConnect, a provider of wireless connectivity solutions for unattended equipment. The 3G networks that many vending m achines are currently using will be discontinued in the near future.

365 Retail Markets

Parlevel_s App
The app helps managers stay connected.
Parlevel's Feed App helps operators stay connected to their business by sending them everything they need to know about their vending, micro market or OCS/pantry operation directly to their mobile phone.
Users receive push notifications for over 25 different activities like route progress, service ticket status, customer feedback and more. Notification settings are totally customizable.
Feed by Parlevel syncs up to Parlevel's vending management system. Every time a team member marks a task as complete, a notification is sent to the manager's phone. For example, when a warehouse person completes a prekit, a route driver services a machine, or an OCS invoice is delivered, the manager will know about it immediately.
Gimme Introduces Its 2018 Business Model
Gimme Technology
New service plans allow operators to deploy technology faser.
Gimme, a maker of unattended retail technology that provides executives with sales, cash, inventory and service data, has introduced two new SaaS plans, both of which provide customers the ability to deploy Gimme technology more cost-effectively and more quickly. 
Driver benefits include: f ull-screen visual planograms save two to five minutes per machine inventory;  easy-to-use interface results in fewer errors, meaning more accurate pre-kits and reports;  real-time data syncing means no more waiting at the end of the day.
Owner benefits include: p re-kit faster with accurate, item-level tracking;  train new drivers quicker, increase efficiency and retain good drivers; a ccurate data from drivers means owners can expect fewer bring-backs and fewer stockouts.

Vagabond_s viv
Vagabond has released vīv Checkout, its payments solution for micro markets and other unattended retail environments. vīv Checkout allows consumers to view nutritional information and purchase their favorite items through the vīv app on their phone or tablet.

Consumers can choose from multiple payment options and only pay for what they purchase without having to rely on stored value accounts. Tokenized transactions complete the process resulting in a payment method more secure than swipe or EMV credit card transactions. The result is a user-friendly solution that consumers quickly adopt and begin using right away.
Media Veteran Jeff Adair Joins Vending Technology News As National Sales Director
Jeff Adair National Sales Director
Jeff Adair
Jeff Adair, a long-time trade media executive, has joined Vending Technology News in the newly-created position of national sales director. He will be responsible for working with technology companies on their marketing programs, including display advertising and email blasts.

Adair most recently served as director of sales and marketing at The National Locksmith, a print and online trade publication that served the security industry. He brings an extensive background in media relations, editorial and advertising sales. He is based in the Chicago area.

"Vending Technology News has established itself as an important voice in the industry it serves," Adair said. "Like the security industry, where I spent most of the past two decades, the vending industry is experiencing a lot of positive change thanks to new technology. I'm excited to be a part of this dynamic and rapidly changing industry."


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