March 2019, Issue 2

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

The affiliated Multiple Listing Services of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) have invested significant treasury in delivering RESO Certified data access to companies serving brokers and agents. Case Studies highlighting , MyTheo and Tribus have clearly shown the value of switching their data management to become RESO Certified.
By David Gumpper

One company’s success becomes another’s pain. Mergers and acquisitions over the last few years have taken a toll on brokerages and their tech stacks. Finding means to protect highly invested tools is becoming more difficult. Maybe the first place to begin is with the contract.
By Marilyn Wilson

North Carolina Regional Multiple Listing Service (NCRMLS) is pleased to announce the appointment of their new CEO.
By Marilyn Wilson

There is a lot of noise in real estate right now – brokerages are worrying about a host of external factors beyond their controls - Compass and its latest set of acquisitions, whispers of a recession, bad weather keeping buyers away from Open Houses, etc.