Ventura Water General Manager Announces Retirement
After serving the City of Ventura for more than 23 years, Ventura Water General Manager Susan Rungren announces her retirement effective June 2022.

“Susan has guided Ventura Water’s helm towards improving our water and wastewater infrastructure as well as securing our local and regional water supply through projects and programs like the State Water Interconnection Project and the VenturaWaterPure Program,” said Mayor Sofia Rubalcava. “She brought a wealth of knowledge to our community and we wish her all the best in her retirement.”

Rungren began her career with the City of Ventura in 1999 as a Utilities Engineer. She then served as the Water Resource Manager for seven years before being appointed to Ventura Water Assistant General Manager in May 2018. In May 2019, Rungren was promoted to Ventura Water General Manager where she oversaw the City’s water and wastewater operations, while also spearheading multiple long-term water supply projects.

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to work alongside so many outstanding staff, public officials, and community members and I am deeply honored to have served the City of Ventura and Ventura Water for more than 20 years,” shared Ventura Water General Manager Susan Rungren. “I am extremely proud of Ventura Water’s continued core service delivery throughout the pandemic including implementing utility billing policies to help relieve customers with no water shut-offs and ensure continuous water and wastewater service.”

Upon Rungren’s departure, Assistant General Manager Gina Dorrington will be appointed as the General Manager. Dorrington has been in the water and wastewater industry for over 20 years and joined the City in 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Soil Science from Cal Poly Pomona as well a myriad of certifications in water distribution, wastewater treatment, and environmental compliance.

“I am honored to be appointed and serve as the City’s General Manager for Ventura Water and excited to be part of expanding our water portfolio with projects and programs like State Water Interconnection and VenturaWaterPure,” said Gina Dorrington. “Our water and wastewater resources remain a critical component of our community and I am looking forward to helping secure our vital water supply.
Ocean Friendly Gardens in Ventura
Planting an Ocean Friendly Garden can save water and provide a beautiful landscape. Discover the types of low water use native and non-native plants that fit well in Ventura’s climate.

Ventura residents can apply for the City's Turf Removal Program to receive a $2 rebate for each square foot of turf removed and replaced with low water use plants and materials. Click here to find out more about the program and other rebates and incentives offered by Ventura Water. Also be sure to visit the Surfrider Foundation's website to learn more about creating your own Ocean Friendly Garden.

Ventura Water extends its sincere appreciation to Ventura residents for their continued commitment to improved water efficiency as the State of California shifts towards “making water conservation a California way of life”.  
COVID-19 Utility Billing Policies Ending April 30, 2022
Due to the State lifting the COVID-19 billing moratorium mandate, Ventura Water will resume its normal billing procedures starting on Sunday, May 1, 2022. This will include assessing late fees, door tag fees, and eventual water shutoffs for non-payments. Ventura Water remains committed to providing support to customers undergoing financial hardships. For questions or to discuss payment options, please call Ventura Water's customer care team at (805) 667-6500. Read more here.
Wastewater Treatment - Process Flow: Aeration Tanks
The aeration tanks are one of the liveliest places at our wastewater treatment facility because it's where the amazing power of bacteria is harnessed. Here, air is pumped from the bottom of the tanks to assist bacteria in breaking down organic materials in the water.  Additionally, the bacteria remove nitrogen and other nutrients, which are potentially harmful to water bodies and wildlife. 

But these helpful bacteria are vulnerable to toxic substances that can be introduced to the sewage system. This is another reason why it‘s important to never flush toxic waste and to think before we flush. Remember you should only flush the 3 P’s- pee, poo and (toilet) paper! 

To learn more about the City's wastewater treatment process, visit our Wastewater page.
2022 Gardening Series -
Westside Mulch & Compost Giveaway
Join us Saturday, May 14, 2022, for next month's gardening class! Attendees of the Westside Mulch & Compost Giveaway event are invited to collect free mulch and compost at Westpark Community Center.

Classes are free to the public and held on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Register for the Westside Mulch & Compost Giveaway event here!

View employment opportunities with the City of Ventura here. 
Water Commission
The public is invited to join us for the upcoming Water Commission Meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend in-person meetings at the Ventura City Hall, Community Meeting Room, Second Floor.

Click here for meeting agendas and more information.