November 2021
"We are an organization of churches that is committed
to the mission of Christ to multiply disciple-making churches
through evangelism, leadership training, and connection with
other like-minded churches."
Why is Vision So Important?
In his book “Lead”, Paul Tripp opens with how achievement can become dangerous as the measure of success and a number of other problems. I will not try to reiterate his work but I encourage leaders to grab his book; very challenging. He has tackled this issue far better than I could. But there is a danger in any ministry or faith community that success is measured by how many people we get and how few glitches we have in running an events rather than changed lives. What we accomplish becomes more important than what God wants to accomplish through us; the problem is when we assume those are synonymous. With this as my “springboard” I want to take this thought and connect it to another key issue in the church – vision (or lack of vision in some cases).  Read More
Pastor Brad Little, Regional Executive Director
Venture Church Network Midwest (CBNC) 
Network Vlog- Stepping Alongside Our Sister Churches
We're focusing on our last core value, but certainly not our least: relationally committed. Our southwest director, Steve Engram, was on staff at Palmcroft Church when their sister church in the VCN network, Desert Springs Community Church, reached out for help. Listen to Steve's story about how Palmcroft stepped in and how he eventually came to pastor Desert Springs.
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Pastor Steve Engram, Regional Director of Venture Church Network
Take this opportunity to connect with other pastors throughout the
region. The ENGAGE forum is done through Zoom and if you
haven't experienced it yet, we invite you to
join others for ENGAGE this month.

Tuesday, November 16, 9:00am (CST)
with an alternative repeat session
Wednesday, November 17, 3:00pm (CST)


The Purpose of ENGAGE is to address gospel and missional critical issues and challenge our thinking related to pastoral ministry, leadership and the purpose of our churches.

The Goal of ENGAGE is to continue to become gospel-centered, grace driven, biblically anchored churches passionately committed to fulfill the mission of Christ. ​

Youth Pastors, check out this opportunity for your students to get together
with other Christian teens. Use the QR code for information and to register.
If you have questions please contact
Youth Pastor, Chuck Babbitt at
Welcome Pastor Colin Rueter!
Colin is the new pastor of New Life Church in Wanamingo, MN following the retirement of Pastor Pat McBride. Colin began his new ministry at New Life Church in September along with his wife Susan and their five children. We are happy to have Colin as part of the VCNMidwest region and we ask that you support him, his family and the church with your prayers during this time of transition.
Me Too
Being a Youth Pastor, I am expected, and rightly so, to be pouring into students. However, I have found times in my life in ministry where I find myself empty, and unable to pour out any more to anyone. As the VCN Midwest Youth Pastor Collaboration grows, one pillar of the foundation for the collaboration is ensuring Youth Pastors can be poured into, allowing them to best pour into students. Ministry is not meant to be an island, and as one of my graduate professors would say, when you stop learning you start dying.   Read More


In Christ,
Chuck Babbitt, Youth Pastor
Bloomer, Baptist Church, Bloomer, WI
Reducing Financial Stress During the Holidays
I once sat in a coffee shop with two other pastors, both older than me. One was a middle aged bi-vocational pastor (whose wife also worked full time) and one a full-time pastor who put the senior in senior pastor. I heard the two of them lament the commercialism of the holiday season and I listened further as they planned how they might lead their church’s attention to the Advent of Christ and away from commercialism.  

Pastor Rob Buhl, First Baptist Church, Whitehall, WI

PLEASE PRAY for the Following Churches in Transition
First Baptist church - Colfax, IA
Calvary Community Church - Lancaster, WI
Venture Church Network (CBAmerica) Chaplaincy
Healing Hero Award: Recently endorsed VCN Chaplain Goes Above and Beyond
Congratulations to Scott Boyles for receiving the Bristol Regional Medical Center Healing Hero Award! The Healing Hero Award is unique to Bristol Regional and honors those team members, volunteers, and physicians who are nominated for going above and beyond in living out our mission of honoring those we serve by delivering the best possible care. Scott serves as Bristol Regional’s chaplain, whose job is to provide spiritual care to patients and families. 

-Humbly submitted by Chaplain Scott Boyles, Bristol Regional Medical Center, Bristol, TNorse
Chaplain Scott Boyles

Rev. Randy L. Brandt, Chaplain, Colonel, USA Ret.
Director of Chaplaincy, Venture Church Network
Cell: 913-904-8746
Avoid Costly Copyright Violations This Christmas
"With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the proverbial corner—and with Christmas peeking around the next one—your church is undoubtedly looking forward to upcoming services with plenty of seasonal music and videos.
"Now is a good time to ensure your worship team and other ministry leaders are adhering to copyright law when it comes to the videos and music they use. Failure to do so could be costly." Read More
-by Chris Lutes,
How Pastors Can Use Feelings of Restlessness in a Positive Way
"I have a tendency towards restlessness. Leading through a pandemic did not help. Feeling restlessness is a common phenomenon among pastors and church leaders right now. Maybe you can relate." Read More
-by Sam Rainer,
12 Random Questions I Would Like to Ask Pastors
"I’m just thinking out loud today, wondering about questions I’d like to ask pastors if I could get them all in the same room." Read More
-by Chuck Lawless,
Venture Church Network Midwest (CBNC) CLUSTER GROUPS
To Be Decided

To Be Scheduled in December
Jay Jentink, Calvary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Wednesday, November 17, 9:30am (EST)
Zoom Meeting
Allen Grover, Ganson Street Baptist Church, Jackson, MI

Northern Minnesota/North Dakota
Tuesday, December 7, 1pm (Central time)
Virtual Meeting - Zoom
Josh Emmel, Faith Baptist Church, Kenmare, ND

Central Minnesota
Monday, November 15, 10am
Meeting at River of Life Church
Steve Schoenwald, River of Life Church, Hastings, MN

Southern Minnesota
No Meeting in November
Walt Moser, First Baptist Church, Luverne, MN

Thursday, November 18, Noon
Meeting at Season's Cafe, Barron, WI
Wade Duroe, Crossroads Church, Chippewa Falls, WI

VCNMidwest Youth Pastor Collaboration
Tuesday, November 16, 10am (Central time)
Zoom Meeting
Chuck Babbitt, Bloomer Baptist Church, Bloomer, WI
The VCNMidwest website has answers to many of your questions.
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Regional Executive Director, Brad Little.
Venture Church Network Midwest
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PO Box 490441, Blaine, MN 55449

Dr. Brad Little
VCNMidwest (CBNC)
Regional Executive Director

Administrative Office
Hours: Tues. thru Fri. 8am - 1pm
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