August 2016

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 Are IPOs Staging A Comeback?
          (150 Unicorns Primed)
  • It's M&A time. IPOs will return 2018. Do you agree?
  • New IPOs are doing well. Find out which ones?
Unicorn Watch

- More Unicorns But Fewer Deals: The Current State Of Venture Capital Funding
- Do you have what it takes to be a Unicorn Executive?
- Venture Capital Middle Class. Endangered Species

For Entrepreneurs

- Blueprint for Built to Last Startups: by John Chisholm, a Serial Entrepreneur.
- Startup Economic Moats: Can you build one?
- Cities and Startups Success: What is the Correlation?
- Where do We Make and Lose Money? Lessons for Startups from IBM's failure.
- How did  WeChat create a large Moat in China?

- Lightspeed Venture Partners: What VCs Will or Won't Invest in?
For Investors

Private Equity:
- Ebbs & flows: What industry has been most affected by the PE downturn
IPO Market:
- Startup Investors Are Still Finding Ways to Cash Out Despite the 
- Matt Murphy of Menlo Ventures is Seeing Something in Silicon Valley Not Seen in 17 Years.
- Disrupting The Disruptors: Startup Accelerators Feel Pressure To Evolve
Global Thoughts

Global Trends:
- Is US Manufacturing really in decline?
- China, a $5 Trillion Opportunity
- China's State of The Economy. Is it breaking down?
- Shareholder Activism in North America. Who is being targeted
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Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn pitch to Greylock
Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution?
Ten Attributes of Great Investors 
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