December 2016

The Night Owl Newsletter
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- What's wrong with flying cars? 
- Automation is the 200 year trend!
- Will Uber, Google and Apple be the car manufacturers of the future?
State of Startups & Tech 2016

- Triple Crowns Are Better Than Unicorns 
~ by David Coats, Correlation Ventures
~ by First Round
~ by Atomico
- The Corporate Innovation eBook:
~ by Steve Guengerich

For Entrepreneurs

5 Considerations For Your Next 409A Valuation
~ by VentureApp

- How to Avoid Bad Terms that Kill Startups

~ by Ash Rust
- Get Ready For IPO and/or Build A Strong Business
~ Andreessen Horowitz

For Investors

Venture Capital:
- What do Top Venture Investors Read Every Morning
~ by Joe Hovde
- How To Evaluate An Initial Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO)
~ by William Mougayer, Venture Advisor
- Economy Theory in Venture Capital
~ by Mark Suster, Upfront Capital (The Full Ratchet)


- Silicon Valley, Economic Policies, AI and the Future of Innovation
- Four Factors in Entrepreneurship.
- What is the 21st century VC model?
~ by Steve Blank

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