November 2016

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Tim Cook == Steve Ballmer

- What Happens to a Company When the Visionary is Gone
- Why Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer and still has a Job
- How to Miss the Boat -- Five Times
- By Steve Blank

- Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation: Best Practices in Term Sheets.
~ by Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures
- Post Acquisition: Is it Business as Usual or Better?
~ by Brad Feld, Foundry Group
- Stock Options: How Startup Options and Ownership Work?
~ by Scott Kupor, Andreessen Horowitz

For Entrepreneurs

The 7 (Pitching) Habits of Highly Effective Founders
~ by 500 Startups
- HBR: Lifeblood of your Startup: How to Improve Your Sales Team
~ in the Harvard Business Review

- JOBS Act: How Title III Of The JOBS Act Will Affect Startups Raising Money
~ by Bill Clark, President and Founder, MicroVentures

For Investors

Private Equity:
- Wharton: Assessing PE trends worldwide
~ by Stephen Sammut, EY & Wharton
IPO Market:
Coupa: The Next Enterprise Unicorn IPO
~ by Alex Clayton, Spark Capital

Venture Capital:
- Is Venture Capital not about Valuation? Then what is it about?
~ by Prof Aswath Darmordaran, Stern Business School, NYUU


Shale Gas 2.0: An renaissance in chemicals trade in the US.
~ In the Investors Business Daily
- The  State of the Cloud 2016 and Beyond: Is the outlook clear or cloudy?
~ Bessemer Venture Partners
Artificial Intelligence:
- AI is Shaking up the Chip Market. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Baidu are among companies shaking up the AI-chip market.
~ Wired
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