September 2016

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Too Much Money Is The Problem


Bill Gurley of Benchmark talks to Kara Swisher about why too much money invites government regulations and entitled, mediocre entrepreneurs. What is the solution?


Economics of Venture Capital

- 16 Definitions on the Economics of Venture Capital. What is Yours?
~ by Scott Kapur, Andreessen Horowitz

For Entrepreneurs

- Focus Moments: What Can Make or Break Your Startup? 
~ by Jenny Lefcourt, Partner, Freestyle Capital 

- Venture Debt: First Periodic Table
~ by Spinta Capital, LLC
Startup Financial Modeling: What is the Best Approach?
~ by Will Little, Prota Ventures

- Zuora's Sales Deck: Do You Think it is Brilliant?
~ by Andy Raskin

For Investors

Private Equity:
- Wharton: Assessing PE trends worldwide
~ by Stephen Sammut, EY & Wharton
Venture Capital:
- What Will Happen to VC Unicorns?
~ by Pitch Book

- AngelList: Announces 46% Returns for Syndicates
~ by AngelList
Global Thoughts

- Major Correction in the Indian Startup Market in 12-18 Months
~ by Times of India

VC Taskforce Programs
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