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Midsummer Jewelry
Midsummer Earrings

Midsummer Earrings

Celtic Fire Earrings

Celtic Fire Earrings

Faerie Pentacle Earrings
Faerie Pentacle Earrings

Sun Talisman
Sun Talisman

First Pentacle of the Sun
First Pentacle of the Sun

A Fairy's Dream
A fairy's Dream Necklace
Birth of Magic Fairy
Birth of Magic Fairy

Fairy Pentacle Necklace
Fairy Pentacle Necklace

Great Rite Pendant
Great Rite Pendant
Great Rite Plaque
Great Rite Plaque
Wheel of the Year Bracelet
Wheel of the Year Bracelet

Wheel of the Year Pendant
Wheel of the Year Pendant
Wheel of the Year Plaque
Wheel of the Year Plaque

Magick Moon Pentacle with Sun
Magick Moon Pentacle with Sun

Moon Pentacle with Sapphire
Moon Pentacle with

Chalice & Blade ring
Chalice & Blade Ring

Chalice & Blade Ring - Silver
Silver Chalice & Blade Ring

Moon Pentacle Aromatherapy Locket
Moon Pentacle Aromatherapy Locket

Moon Pentacle Aromatherapy Locket
Moon Pentacle Aromatherapy Locket

Crescent Moon Aromatherapy Locket
Crescent Moon Aromatherapy locket

Healer's Ring of the Sage
Healer's Ring of the Sage

Faery Star Elven Ring
Faery Elven Star ring

June 8, 2013 

It's been a turbulent time for many of us over the past several months (or years!) with so many changes happening so quickly that it is hard to keep up with them. Venus Illuminated has changed - and is continuing to change - along with the times we live in. We still offer many of the same spiritual and metaphysical products we began with back in 2002, including Pepi and Company's powerful talismans, Alchemy Gothic's unique gothic designs, and Crystal Journey's amazing all natural reiki candles. These products were the building blocks that enabled the website to continue growing despite a struggling world economy. Over the past three years we have expanded to include fine jewelry by Dryad Design, Wellstone Jewelry, Peter Stone Jewelry, and most recently, Sweet Romance and Ollipop. There are other lines I will introduce over the next several months and I hope you will stop in to check out our new products as we add them. We have also added the entire line of Coventry Creations candles and couldn't be happier with the quality of their work.
The new website is still being built but is open to the public with over 1000 products already added. We will be interlinking the old and new sites over time so that it will be easier to find that special item that was meant to be yours. The old website will remain the main URL and access point to shopping on both sites. It will also become a repository for all new articles, both educational and fun. A new blog, a facebook page, and an all new newsletter (which you are reading now :)) will round out our new offerings. 
If you are a writer, I will soon be posting jobs for articles to be included in the newsletter, blog, and on the website. 
I am also offering a monthly drawing/raffle with cash and merchandise prizes with all proceeds being saved toward my goal of opening a physical store in the Tampa Bay (St. Petersburg area).  I hope you will participate. 

This newsletter will eventually be offered weekly but in the beginning it may only appear once a month or so.

New Moon in Gemini - June 8, 2013

The Moon joins the Sun at 11:56 am EDT in the sign of the Twins at 18'01 degrees.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is A Large Archaic Volume Reveals a Traditional Wisdom. The underlying tone of this degree can be read two ways - fitting for Gemini - and we, of course, can read as much or as little into it as we wish.


Mansion 7 - Visitor
New Moon Ritual
 A big old book with fading pages and fragile edges can reveal mysteries we have long forgotten, for better or worse.  Knowledge is power; there is an almost ominous tone if we look a little deeper and realize that knowledge, in the wrong hands, can be - and is - used to control most of us in varying degrees. That same knowledge in the right hands, the gentle hands of a truly spiritual caretaker of Wisdom, can help guide us forward and provide a solid understanding that perhaps the ancients, who were more in tune with the cycles of the planet and Universe, knew much more than modern society has given them credit for. Traditional Wisdom can serve us well, if we are wise and read the 'big book' with an open mind and open heart. The answers to some of our most pressing modern issues can be discovered at this New Moon, if we care to look into the past...if we can look clearly and without fear.



We have two very tight square formations at the time of the New Moon. Mercury at 11'46 Cancer is issuing a challenge to Uranus (11'54 Aries) while opposing Pluto at 10'51 Capricorn. This is a transiting T-square with Uranus as the apex planet. What does Uranus want, and will Mercury give it to him?  11 - 12 degrees Libra is the target (or release) point. On a personal level, family secrets may be revealed during this New Moon, perhaps due to a sibling's loose tongue. Someone close to you, or you, yourself, may have an emotional crisis due to a disturbed relationship. The Sabian Symbol for 11 - 12 Libra is Miners Are Surfacing From A Deep Coal's a very fitting description for a Mercury - Pluto opposition. Deep thoughts, buried secrets or desires rising to the surface, and old wounds re-opening are all possible now.  This energy signature is reaffirmed with another square between Mars at 5'50 Gemini and Neptune at 5'22 Pisces...there is pressure here to actively go below, to dive into the sea and search for what lurks down there in the darkness.  Although things may seem somewhat dire, there is a solid and supportive trine with Venus (6'48 Cancer), Saturn (5'30 Scorpio), and Neptune (5'22 Pisces). Any painful situation can be overcome, healed, or let go of but sometimes we have to lance the wound first and let it bleed.  Somewhere in that big ol' book there will be an answer, a solution, or a remedy that you need. Many of us may be tempted to just skim through and look at the shiny pictures, courtesy of the Gemini energy, but those who will gain the most from this New Moon will be the Mercurial-Plutonians, the ones who aren't afraid to learn the truth.



New Moon June 2013  

New Moon June 2013 Chart - PDF 

Energy Fire Will Votives
Candles for Midsummer 

Energy - Will Fire Pillar - Coventry Creations Candles
Energy - Will Fire Votives Coventry Creations Candles

 Honeysuckle Votives - Crystal Journey Candles

Sage & Lavender Palm Wax Pillar - Crystal Journey Candles

Focus on: Summer Solstice Herbs

Some of the most popular herbs used in ritual at the Summer Solstice (Midsummer/Litha/Sun Blessing) are St. John's Wort, lavender, mistletoe, vervain, and fern.  For the traditional herbalist who grows or gathers his or her own herbs, Midsummer Eve is the night to gather fern, mistletoe, St John's Wort, and vervain.  It is a good time to discard of the old mistletoe and vervain and gather enough of these plants to dry for use in the coming year.  Other plants are widely used in summer solstice rituals and celebrations, including rose, violet, chamomile, honeysuckle, basil, mint, rosemary,  mugwort, and star anise, depending on what tradition you follow and your location on Gaea.

As St. John's Wort (hypericum perforatum) is one of the most popular plants used at the Summer Solstice, I have chosen to highlight this particular gift from our Mother Earth here.


St John's Wort is a plant that grows tall and slender

St John's Wort
St. John's Wort

with bright yellow flowers and due to its abundant growth in places it is not always wanted, it is sometimes considered a 'pest' plant or weed. It is a dominating and invasive plant that can upset ecosystems, so if you grow your own strive to do so in an enclosed area. A large pot may be best. If you are gathering the plant in the wild, be sure to wait until it is flowering and then only harvest about a third of the plant, including leaves, stems, and flowers.  A similar plant known as the Rose of Sharon grows closer to the earth and has more showy flowers. 



Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

One good way to know you have St. John's Wort and not Rose of Sharon is to pinch one of the flowers. St. John's Wort 'bleeds' a red oil when you pinch the flowers, making it an easy way to determine if you have the right plant. Another way to identify the plant is to check its stem, as St. John's Wort has a wood-like stem with double-ridges running down its length. The flower petals often have dark spots or streaks, which also helps to identify the plant.


This is a plant with many diverse and medicinal uses, particularly as an herbal remedy for depression, but I would like to focus on the ritual uses of St. John's Wort and why it is used at the Summer Solstice.  This plant is known in the craft by several different names:  Goat Weed, rosin rose, chase-devil, Tipton Weed, and Klamath Weed. Long before John the Baptist walked the earth, practitioners were using St. John's Wort both medicinally and in their ritual work.  St. John's Wort is classified as a masculine herb, an herb which is associated with the Sun and is of the element Fire.

The Summer Solstice is the best time of year to gather the plant as it begins blossoming in June and is ready to be harvested by the time the Sun moves into Cancer (around the 20th - 22nd of each year astrologically). This year, 2013, the Sun moves into the water sign Cancer at 1:04 am on June 21st (US East Coast). The Moon will be in Scorpio at the exact time the Sun moves into Cancer but void of course. For the most potent gathering this year, it may be better to wait until the Moon moves into the Fire sign of Sagittarius early in the morning (4:31 am EDT). Get up early (or stay up late!) and gather St John's Wort before the Sun rises, especially in the hotter regions of the world. A little dampness or dew is believed to imbue the herb with a more potent, balanced energy, taming the fiery energy (fire can easily get out of control) yet helping it to flow more readily...this is especially helpful if you plan to use the herb in love spells. 


St. John's Wort is considered a protective herb and can be carried or worn to help ward off darker energy and spirits. Like many things pagan, early Christians took the knowledge of the wise ones and placed their own stories and beliefs on top or changed it to demonize those who did not follow the same path. This is true of St. John's Wort, an herb of great value and power that we still, even with all the scientific research and study,  to this day, do not fully understand. The early Christians named the herb St. John's Wort after John the Baptist, who was born on June 24th. The red oil of St. John's Wort was considered to represent the spilled blood of their Saint.


An old English poem contains the following verse about St. John's Wort and how it would keep the 'witches' and devils away, showing the age old fear of magic and ritual of  the craft. Strangely enough, the witches (the wise ones) were probably the only ones who originally knew how to use the herb!


St. John's wort doth charm all witches away

If gathered at midnight on the saint's holy day.

Any devils and witches have no power to harm

Those that gather the plant for a charm:

Rub the lintels and post with that red juicy flower

No thunder nor tempest will then have the power

To hurt or hinder your houses: and bind

Round your neck a charm of similar kind.


We see here, however, a use of the herb that is still commonly practiced. St. John's Wort is woven into a wreath or necklace and hung around the house or around the neck for protection, to keep away the dark and negative - or 'evil' - energies. The necklaces or bracelets made of the Midsummer harvest of St John's wort can be used as potent love charms as this herb is also one that is commonly used to attract a lover or enhance sensuality in a relationship.


Midsummer is a time to draw love, enhance fertility, and to make use of the heightened creativity of the Sun in the Moon's natural sign of Cancer. Midsummer is the longest day of the year and thus, also the shortest night of the year.  Symbolically, God and Goddess now join in a loving, gentle relationship.  The passion and ecstasy of Beltane has given way to a more solid and enduring union.  The Moon Goddess is at her most sensuous; the Sun God is at his highest physical peak. Together they hold the power of creation.  Midsummer is a time to celebrate and ask for Prosperity, Fertility, and a bountiful harvest.  The Universe is eager to grant wishes at Midsummer and using St. John's Wort at this time enhances the magic of this solstice point. St. John's Wort can strengthen desire and motivate one to make their dreams come true.


How to use:


Gather, dry, and preserve St. John's Wort over the Solstice and through St. John's birthday, June 24th (when many people celebrate St. John's Day or Midsummer, although the solstice astrologically occurs days earlier) for the greatest potency. If you are able, obtain and preserve enough to use throughout the year in your ritual work.


If you have leftover herb from the previous years harvest, focus on one of your greatest desires and then burn it all in a great fire. Bonfires are common, so if you are attending one, you may want to take along your old herb. If you want a more private and sacred space to do your work, create your own fire in a fire pit or fireplace and burn your old herb there while you focus your intent and ask for what you want.


Weave the longer pieces of the fresh plant into wreaths, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. All them to dry before using. Be sure to focus your intent while you are weaving. You can change the energy of the wreaths by adding additional herbs, spells, or psychic energy into the work. For instance, if you are making a ring to attract love, you can burn rose incense, chant a love spell, and focus on what you would love in a partner. If you are making a protective wreath, you would focus on protection and safety or perhaps banishing if you need help with a specific problem.


St. John's Wort can be dried and chopped into small pieces, ground into a powder, made into a tea, made into tinctures and skin balms, soaked in oil to make St. John's oil...there are multitudes of uses.


Whenever you need to add the Sun's energy to your work, you can use St. John's Wort.


I hope you enjoy this edition of the Venus Illuminated Gifts Newsletter! All content was written by me but look for the work of others in future editions. 

With love and blessings for a blessed Summer Solstice,

Dena L Moore
Venus Illuminated Gifts

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