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Youth Programming

Come down to the "range" with Melinda Hardt and learn to shoot with a bow and arrow! Archery is a skill that can be used practically for hunting or fishing or just as some recreation and to test your skills. For this beginner's course, participants will learn to shoot with a recurve bow. They will also learn range safety, range setup, basic equipment setup and use, scoring, and steps of shooting.

Wednesdays, Starting September 8th for 4 Weeks. R $70 | NR $75

Ages 7-14 Register Here

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Transform your game with Rise to the Top (RT3) for a fun experience in the game of basketball. The organization's motto is to promote positive sports experience that will teach lifelong lessons through personal growth and healthy competition. The beginner group will focus on the fundamentals, skill development, good sportsmanship and fun.

Saturdays, Starting October 9th for 3 weeks. R $35 | NR $40

Ages 7-12 Register Here

Join us for a fun filled afternoon of creativity! Artist Jackie Rivers will provide step by step instruction through out each event so that kids can learn, create, and most importantly have fun! Kids with have fun painting tic-tac-toe boards and wooden scarecrows for some festive fall themed events! No experience required. Everything included.

R $25 | NR $30 Grades 2-12 Register Here

October 15th - Painted tic-tac-toe | November 10th - Wooden Scarecrow!

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Preschool Programming

Soccer Sparks offers age-appropriate soccer classes for kids in a low pressure, high skill learning environment. The Soccer Sparks approach utilizes fun and games so that children develop a passion for soccer without the stress of competitive play. Taught by USSF Nationally Certified coaches, Soccer Sparks' “all-ball” training techniques help kids meet their maximum potential while emphasizing fair play and enjoyment of the sport. (Pre K Only)

Fridays, Starting September 17th for 4 Weeks. R $44 | NR $50

Ages 2-5 Register Here


Adult Programming

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Alex Grist will be teaching American Sign Language 1 via Zoom this fall! Sign language can broaden your communication skills, stimulate your senses, and increase your ability to be expressive. It can also open doors! It is an excellent tool for learning and communicating. Whether you are looking to work as an interpreter or just want communicate with deaf friends this is the place to start! You will learn general fingerspelling, vocabulary, signing, using facial expression and role playing will be emphasized. Students with some or no experience are encouraged to attend.

Wednesdays, Starting September 22nd for 8 Weeks. R $75 | NR $85 Ages 18+ Register Here

The Level 1 Ukulele Class is for folks who have never played the ukulele or who want a refresher of the basics. It's light-hearted and fun, and we cover how to hold the uke, strum it, form chords (Am, C, D, Em, F, G & G7), and play songs. You don't have to have any musical experience for this class - just a song in your heart and eagerness to learn. After each class, I will email a class recap. (NOTE to baritone uke players: We don't cover baritone chords in this class.)

Thursdays, Starting October 14th for 4 Weeks. R $50 | NR $55

Ages 18+ Register Here

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Join us for a fun filled evening of creativity! Artist Jackie Rivers will provide step by step instruction through out each event, so sit back, relax, and create! With fun projects ranging from epoxy resin serving boards to tin planters with a lovely water scene. No experience required! Everything Included.

R $30 | NR $35 (Resin class is $10 more) Ages 18+ Register Here

October 5th- Sap Buckets painted with a moose silhouettes.

November 16th- Charcuterie Board (Serving Board) with resin.

i-STRIKE Women’s Workshop is a self defense class that teaches simple effective techniques using the strongest parts of our bodies to the most vulnerable parts of the assailants and designed to be used by women of all ages & capabilities. In addition to learning effective physical techniques your voice will become louder and more affirmative in setting verbal and physical boundaries & you’ll learn to trust your intuition. This course specifically covers sexual assault situations.  No previous martial arts experience needed. This is team taught with one of the male black belts who wears a full contact suit, so that the participants can practice their new skills full force on a person and adds realism to the scenarios. 

Saturday September 18th. R $50 | NR $55 Ages 12+ Register Here

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Join Matt Lumkes for a Low Impact Fitness Class. Improve your balance, mobility, and core through a series of movements that will increase your joint stability, enhance your posture and form, and employ your core strength to better support an active lifestyle and reduce your risks for falls and fall-related injuries. 

Thursdays, Starting September 9th for 4 weeks. R $35 | NR $40

Ages 18+ Register Here

Join Matt Lumkes for a Total Body Boot Camp. This 45-minute boot camp will work your entire body with cardio, upper body, lower body, and core exercises. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just improve your health and fitness, this program will get you moving. No equipment is needed.

Fridays, Starting September 10th for 4 weeks. R $35 | NR $40

Ages 18+ Register Here

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Senior Programming

Age Well and Vergennes Parks & Recreation will offer Sun Style Tai Chi Classes in Vergennes starting September 7th. These Fall Prevention classes are based on Dr. Paul Lam’s “Tai Chi for Arthritis”, an evidence-based program to relieve pain and improve health. It consists of slow continuous whole-body movements strung together in a sequence.  In this program all high-risk movements have been removed and replaced with ones that are more effective for health. All classes are held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Parish Hall located at 85 South Maple Street, Vergennes. Instructors are certified to teach classes in Fall Prevention Tai Chi and in Sun 73.

Tuesdays & Thursdays Starting September 7th & 9th. Free

Ages 55+ More Information

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Push to the Pavilion

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Pavilion Plans

The Vergennes Parks & Recreation Committee together with the Vergennes Partnership need your help! Phase one of our Push to the Pavilion Project is very close to meeting our goal of raising $95,000! When we do, we will be awarded another $195,000 from the Hoehl Family Foundation for our Pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park. Outdoor spaces have never been more prized, and this space offers something for everyone in our community year round! Imagine basketball games even on a rainy summer afternoon, clean ice to skate on in the winter, outdoor movie nights, an outdoor classroom space free from rain and snow, and a whole host of uses of which we have yet to dream! Opportunities abound!

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