November, 2020
VeriTrace Awarded 5 year contract with CA Counties
VeriTrace, Inc. (NASPO certified security printer) based in Harrison, OH announces that it has been awarded 5 year supply contracts for birth & death certificates in both Los Angeles and San Diego counties, California. 

VeriTrace is the largest producer of high security intaglio vital records with 22 full State contracts and over 56 Counties in the State of California. Many of these State contracts involve hundreds of direct shipments directly to County Offices. 

Jim Columbus, VP of Sales Vital Records, states “We are extremely pleased to have been rewarded these contracts by the two largest counties in the State of California.  This validates our continued efforts to provide the best quality and service in the vital record marketplace.”

VeriTrace supplies security products such as birth and death certificates, visas, passports, or other security documents across the world as well as brand protection and track and trace labels for well known companies in the United States.
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About VeriTrace 
VeriTrace provides international brand protection and complete line of state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting solutions to both companies and governments. The company’s secure labeling, documents and packaging experience guarantees quality, successful application, long life expectancy and achievement of program objectives. VeriTrace applies this expertise by working with customers to meet security objectives and deliver ROI. To learn more about their products and services, please visit

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