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2018 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Winner
Projekt 1065: A Novel of World War II by Alan Gratz

Don't forget to register for the 2018 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Conference on May 4! Visit this link:


2018 Vermont Teen Video Challenge Winners 
The fantastic teens at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction 
Visit this link to see their award-winning video:


Dispatches from the 2018 Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Conference 

CSLP is the organization that creates the programming that VTLIB provides to Vermont libraries for summer reading initiatives. As the representative from Vermont, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the their annual conference in Denver the second week in April. This was my first one and there was a lot to learn. 
There were several special speakers that gave us an introduction to their organizations. One such organization was the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NLM). Their mission is to bring current health information to the public, and they have utilized public libraries for this purpose for years. NLM's first database was Medline and public libraries across the US have traditionally provided this database for their patrons. Additionally, "Engage for Health" is a boxed program that NLM made just for public libraries.    
The big takeaway from their talk, besides the awesome opportunity for you to provide health information to your patrons? Next year, NLM is creating health and science activities that coincide with the 2019 summer reading theme, Space. They are going to have funding opportunities for which Vermont libraries will be able to apply. As soon as they are available, I will let you all know.
We also heard from PBS Pittsburgh. They have a program called, " Inquire Within" in which they go through the CSLP summer reading manual and marry it to PBS' resources. I urge you to visit their website! 
Finally, one big part of the conference is finalizing the themes, slogans, and artists (who create the artwork for materials such as the manual, reading logs, bookmarks, etc.) for future summers. I'll leave you here with an eye towards the future!

            *Summer 2020:
Theme: Fairytales/Fantasy/Mythology
Slogan: "Imagine Your Story"
Artist: LeUyen Pham
*Summer 2021:
 Theme: Animals
 Slogan: "Tails and Tales"
 Artist: Salina Yoon
*Summer 2022:
 Theme: Change the World
 Slogan: "All Together Now"
 Artist: Sophie Blackall
We're on the Move!
Updates on Our Move to Barre
  The Department of Libraries will be moving to the Vermont Historical Society building in Barre this summer. To make sure that we keep everyone updated as much as possible, we are sharing updates of the move on our Facebook page and sending messages to the listservs.

The next big date for us is June 15. On Friday, June 15, VTLIB will be closing the library as well as stopping our Interlibrary Loan services to prepare for the move. Here is what this means for Vermont libraries:
  • Starting on June 15, we will be taking a hiatus from loaning items from our collection or requesting items from out-of-state libraries. Please submit any out-of-state requests before June 15, or anticipate that it may be several weeks before they are filled.
  • We anticipate restarting our lending and out-of-state requesting programs on July 9, but this is subject to change. We will inform libraries via the listservs, Facebook, and our website when we are "back in business."
  • VTLIB staff can still be contacted via email and phone during this time.
The Scoop on SCOOP
SCOOP Replaced by MHEC
The Vermont Department of Libraries has partnered with the Maine State Library and the New Hampshire State Library on the SCOOP program since 2015. This program offers discounts from a variety of vendors for books, library supplies, library furniture, and other library-related purchases. All libraries in Vermont are eligible for the program ( info here). This program has been a great success and has saved Vermont libraries a lot of money. So, in anticipation of the SCOOP program expiring on June 30, it was necessary to put an alternative program in place.
We are excited to announce the July 1, 2018 advent of a new purchasing program for Vermont libraries: MHEC. The Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium offers a wide variety of purchasing contracts for libraries in New England, including Vermont. The discounts match or exceed SCOOP, and MHEC has dedicated staff to work with participant states. The purchasing discounts include everything from books, library supplies, and everything SCOOP, to appliances, equipment maintenance and more.
Our MHEC representative, Jacqueline Cashin, will join us for a instructional webinar in May. This webinar will walk the audience through the basics of the purchasing program and its benefits. In the meantime, please continue to use the SCOOP program until June 30, and watch for more information on MHEC and the upcoming webinar.

This is a positive development for Vermont libraries of all types. Those who use the SCOOP program discounts will be pleased with the improvements that MHEC will bring, and we hope that those who have not taken advantage of consortium discounts will begin to do so!

Upcoming Trainings

There are still spots open for the CLOVER training that is on Friday, May 4 th at the Midstate Library Service Center in Berlin.

The training will be conducted by Debbie Hensler from AutoGraphics, and will count towards continuing education credits for the Certificate of Public Librarianship.
Please RSVP by emailing to reserve a space for your library as soon as possible.

Spaces will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

Plan on a typical 9:00am-3:30pm training schedule. Further details will be sent out to attendees closer to the training date.
Questions? Contact April Shaw at

ATTN: State Employees
Interlibrary Loan & Reference Services

Do you have an article that you need for your research at work, but aren't having luck locating it? Or do you run into paywalls for journals that you need access to?

VTLIB has a robust interlibrary loan program, as well as a reference librarian on staff to help you locate all the resources you need. If you have an article, book, or other resource that you need simply fill out the request form here and we will work with libraries across the country to get you access for free.

Questions? Contact April Shaw at

Bringing Resources to Light
Gale Agriculture Collection

Join us each month as we illuminate a fantastic resource from Vermont Online Library. This episode:
If your Vermont town is like most, the agricultural industry is essential to the livelihood of many of your patrons. The Gale Agriculture Collection provides access to a wide range of information - from the practical aspects of farming to cutting-edge scientific research in horticulture.

You can explore animal welfare topics from around the world and close to home. Articles on laying hens discuss keel bone damage, the chicken industry, and the choice of litter material. Articles on global warming/climate change address questions of livestock emissions, the next ice age, and aerobic composting. With a quick search in the Agriculture Collection, you can show your patrons yet another way their library provides more than they might expect!

Libraries offer many resources to their patrons. Consider surprising patrons by telling them about the Gale Agriculture Collection - available for free from your library through Vermont Online Library!