About one in eight homes in Vermont have elevated levels of radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps into homes from soil and bedrock. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. If you smoke and your home has high levels of radon, your risk for lung cancer is especially high.
The Radon, Smoking and Lung Cancer Data Explorer is an interactive tool that lets you explore the connections between radon, smoking and lung cancer, using community level maps, charts and graphs. The new tool is complemented by a fact sheet "Radon and Smoking: A Risky Combination."
The Data Explorer was built with the help of colleagues from the Vermont Cancer Registry, the Tobacco Control Program, the Radon Program, and others.
Vermont Tracking  
The Data Explorer is part of a continuing effort by the State to help Vermonters understand environmental health issues in their communities. Other topics covered by Environmental Public Health Tracking include asthma, birth defects, cancer, blue green algae, heat illness, childhood lead poisoning, private and public drinking water, and air quality.
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