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Peak Foliage is Normally Between October 7-14!
Sept 2019
Fall may be the best time of the year at Pond Mountain Inn. Warm days, crisp nights, colorful foliage and harvest all giftwrapped in a perfect package…. watching the leaves transition from bright reds into yellows and oranges – nature’s palette unfolds before your very eyes.  
Our Monarch Butterflies
Two of our guests, both retired teachers, urged us to create a milkweed habitat for Monarchs. Patti recently sent us a butterfly enclosure so that we could raise Monarchs. Kay sprang into action and collected nine caterpillars, and we’ve just released our first two!
Miss Phyllis
There’s just something very special about this place – even if fine linens aren’t your thing. Located just off “the green” in Manchester, Miss Phyllis , Fine Linens and Frocks specialize in antique handmade linens from the 19th and early 20th century. It's interesting! 
Artist Peter Huntoon
Peter captures a rainy day walk in Woodstock, Vermont like no other artist. Peter’s studio and gallery are nearby and our guests cherish the opportunity to visit. Subscribe to his “A Day in Vermont” newsletter that celebrates Vermont through Peter’s extraordinary work!
Ultimately, it’s the great outdoors that beckon...  
Champlain Orchards Shoreham, Vermont
Vermont’s premier orchard is one of the oldest continuously operating family owned orchards. Well worth the drive; pick your own apples with over 100 varieties to choose from. Also, in season right now are fall raspberries, Asian pears, and European plums.      
The State of Vermont Berry Tarte
It goes without saying that traditional autumn activities are something special. Trying out new fall pie recipes may top that list! Although, this is not a classic fall pie recipe, it was too much fun not to include shortly after the Labor Day holiday! 
Pumpkin Picking in Vermont
Fall pumpkins are simply enchanting – bright orange irregularly shaped pumpkins scattered about the fields, and the excitement of children hunting for the perfect shape and size only to realize it’s too large to carry!

Five great pumpkin patches less than an hour away!
Discover The Convenience of the Perfect Location… 
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Quarried and Carved in Vermont
The Vermont Marble Museum, the world’s largest marble exhibit with over 100 exhibits! A few of the highlights are; The Hall of Presidents • On-Site Sculptor and Gallery • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Exhibit.

Add this to your Vermont Foliage Road Trip! Yankee Magazine’s Best of Vermont │2018 Editors’ Choice Awards. Hurry… the museum closes the last week of October.
Thank You Notable Nuances • Photography by Susan Wilkinson
Breweries Distilleries Vineyards & Wineries – And Our List of Favorites
Every year foliage seekers visit the mountains and lakes of Vermont – but the most exuberant travelers further treat themselves their favorite micro-brew, spirit and wine. Together with our guests we have a short-list of favorites.

Hired Hand Brewery • Vergennes, Vermont ; mentioned in our July Newsletter , locally sources 45% of its ingredients and created a beer where every single ingredient arrived during that week! And, a side note, their pizza is extraordinary!

Caledonia Spirits • Montpelier, Vermont ; makers of award-winning honey-infused Barr Hill Gin is a perennial favorite of ours! Their vodka is made entirely from raw honey. We plan to visit the distillery, tasting room, and visitor center next month.

Lincoln Peak Vineyard • New Haven, Vermont ; our neighbors, friends and guests never miss an opportunity to visit and sample a flight of award-winning wines. Awarded Winery of the Year at 2016 International Cold Climate Wine Competition. We’re visiting late next week to watch harvesting of the grapes and again next month with our guests Donna & John!
Feast on the Autumn Colors While Hiking the Vermont Trails...
The Long Trail is arguably the most famous hiking trail in Vermont stretching 272 miles with another 166 miles of side trails. Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest hiking trail in the United States and was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail both of which come together for 100 miles in the southern part of the state.

We have a list of nearby favorites some as close as a few miles.
 We're The First to Serve These Egg Bagels in Vermont!
Egg Bagels are difficult to find and haven’t had great one in decades until last week! We just met Pam, and Pam bakes bagels, but not egg bagels, until now! Within days of mentioning how much I loved egg bagels Pam delivered a baker’s dozen! We had six, passed the rest to our neighbors – it was unanimous; “absolutely delicious!” Thank you Pam!!!    
Lars Jacob Wingshooting • Dorset, Vermont
Speak with Lars and find out why Sporting Clays is one of America’s fastest growing sports.

Lars offers Public or Private Shooting Schools • Gun Fitting • Live Bird Instruction • Hosted Trips and Instruction • Course Design for Sporting Clays & Hunter Clays • Gun Sales • Gunsmithing, Inspection, and Appraisal • Custom Gun Design and much more.
Joel Barber & The Modern Decoy • Shelburne Museum • Sept 14 - Jan. 12, 2020
This monographic exhibition is the first of its kind to focus on the life and artwork of architect, author, illustrator, and pioneering decoy collector Joel D. Barber (1876-1952). Featuring more than 100 decoys, drawings, historical photographs, and watercolors from Shelburne Museum’s extensive collection.
Deliciously Simple Romertopf Clay Pot Chicken... And A Few Tips!
  • Start with a free-range Vermont chicken! We raised this incredibly delicious rooster.

  • Always soak your Romertopf for about 30 minutes with cold water before adding ingredients. This allows your food to steam and cook evenly.

  • Convert your regular recipes to Romertopf recipes by increasing the cooking temperature by 100°F (50°C) and subtracting 30 minutes from the cooking time.

  • Place your Romertopf into a COLD oven, on the bottom shelf and make sure the heat circulates properly around the clay pot.

  • Google “Clay Pot Recipes” 

Wellsmere Farm, just north of the village has the best local chickens – one of our guests bought six birds before going home! Tell Michelle we sent you...
 Our First Monarch Takes Flight
Here’s what happens… The Monarch butterfly life cycle has four stages and four generations – the stages are egg , larvae , pupa and adult butterfly ; the four generations refer to four generations of butterflies passing through these four stages within a year. 

The first three generations live from two to six weeks – the fourth generation eggs are laid in the month of September or October and live more than eight to nine months. This fourth generation butterfly also has a specialty; it migrates to the warmer regions of California or Mexico!  

Abbreviated content from the Monarch website above.
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