News Release
November 13, 2019
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Carly Cumpton
Vernon Parish Schools Honor Veterans with Programs
Leesville, LA -- Schools across Vernon Parish are honoring our veterans throughout November with special programming. Anacoco High prepared announcements and PowerPoint tributes to broadcast throughout the month. Hicks and Simpson are holding recognition events in conjunction with basketball games, and West Leesville is creating art displays to honor their veterans. Other schools in the parish, like Evans, are recognizing veterans with special classroom lessons.

In addition, many schools are holding special Veterans Day programs with an array of patriotic songs and readings to honor those who served or are currently serving. Parkway Elementary held one of the first Veterans Day programs on November 6, with programs at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

The program was led by Parkway’s Elementary music teacher, Elizabeth Cyr, and an assortment of songs and speaking parts performed by fourth grade students. Songs included: “Thankful for the U.S.A”, “Thank a Vet”, “Proud of Our Veterans”, “Battle Hymn of Gettysburg”, and “America, Land of the Free”. During the final song, students requested that veterans and those currently serving stand to be recognized when their military branch was called out in the song.

Cyr was incredibly proud of the work her students put into the program. The students got to work preparing songs and speaking parts in August and Cyr stated that “their hard work and dedication paid off – the whole entire fourth grade did a fantastic job.”

Cyr continued by stating that she felt the program allowed the students to truly honor the veterans present and she hopes “the veterans know how much we love and appreciate them.”

After the music portion of the program Terry Whiddon, the school’s Military Student Transition Consultant, recognized staff members at Parkway Elementary who previously served in the military during the program. Four teachers at Parkway Elementary received a certificate stating: “We honor your service, your courage, and, most of all, your sacrifices. Your dedication to the United States of America, its ideals and its military is commendable.”

Mike Reese, Fort Polk Progress President, acknowledged the importance of these programs and honoring those who have served. “Being so closely positioned to Fort Polk, we are in the unique position to have the ability to regularly acknowledge the great accomplishments and sacrifices made by our service members. I am proud of our schools for holding these programs and instilling in our children the importance of supporting those who have served and continue to serve.”
Vernon Parish Schools’ Veterans Day programs are as follows:
  • Anacoco Elementary on 11/08 at 9AM
  • East Leesville on 11/13 at 9:45 & 11AM
  • Hornbeck on 11/06 at 9AM
  • Leesville Jr. High on 11/08 at 9AM
  • Leesville High on 11/08 at 9AM
  • Parkway on 11/06 at 9AM & 1PM
  • Pickering Elementary on 11/07 at 9AM
  • Pickering High on 11/07 at 9AM
  • Pitkin on 11/08 at 9:30AM
  • North Polk on 11/07 at 9AM & 1PM
  • Rosepine K - 2 on 11/07 at 8:30AM
  • Rosepine 3 - 6 on 11/07 at 10AM
  • Rosepine High on 11/06 at 9AM
  • Vernon Middle on 11/08 at 1PM
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