Vero Beach AAUW Hotline
 MAY Newsletter
To submit information for the Hotline, please send to Gail DeGioia, Editor at by the 5th of the previous month.
AAUW Vero Beach
PO Box 2143
Vero Beach,FL 32961
AAUW Vero Beach Branch Meeting
Saturday, May 5, 2018

Installation of Officers for 2018-19 and
Awards Presentation, plus a
Concert from the Christ by the Sea Bell Choir
Come meet the Branch’s officers for the 2018/2019 season and help us recognize this season’s award winners. After lunch, we’ll be treated to a concert by the wonderful Christ By The Sea Methodist Church Bell Choir. The combination of conversation and glorious music will make your day!
Lunch Meeting
11:30 AM – 2 PM
Christ By The Sea United Methodist Church
3755 N A1A, Vero Beach, FL 
 Lunch will be: A Panera Bread Box Lunch
Half Sandwich and Half Salad, Cookie, Coffee, Tea (Hot and Iced)
Sandwich choices: Turkey, Ham & Swiss, Mediterranean Veggie
Cost: $ 12.00 per person . Send your check to:
Barbara Spelman, AAUW Vero Beach
PO Box 2143, Vero Beach, FL 32961
or pay by credit card from our website:

Don't forget about our Saturday, April 21st Branch Meeting and Election of Officers at 11:30P.M. It will be at:

Marsh Landing, 44 N. Broadway St., Fellsmere, FL

There is still time to go on our website to make reservations. You can also send your check with food choice in the memo bar to: PO Box 2143, Vero Beach, FL32961. Food choices are 1. Chicken Pot Pie, 2. Shrimp and Grits or 3. Vegan Choice - Fresh Fruit on a bed of Lettuce. Peach Cobbler is dessert.

Richard Votapka will be portraying Mr. Nelson Fell. His topic will center on Women's Suffrage in Fellsmere. See you there!
President's Message
Dear AAUW Members,

Oh my goodness! The last few months just flew and now we are at the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year. With all the help I've received, we had a great year of Programs, Events,a large number of new friends, fiscal success, success in philanthropy and other exciting endeavors. Thank you to the members who supported our AAUW Branch with generous donations and attendance at scheduled meetings.

A special thanks to those who paid their dues in a timely manner. If you have ever been on the Handbook Committee, you will understand the importance of paying your dues on time to the process. The longer you wait, the more errors we have plus the more calls the committee must make to try to get it correct. Now that you understand, I'm sure you will jump up and grab your checkbook or credit card to send in your dues. LOL At least I can hope.

I do want to thank a few women who were irreplaceable during the year. First and foremost is Linda Barker who was there at every corner. We did it, Linda, "one bird at a time". Linda Clerch who graciously answered my questions and kept me straight with the By Laws and other aspects of the organization. Avalon McGann and Lorrie Borchert (our new Presidents) who backed me up and took balls and ran with them frequently. The Board was fantastic and the appointed officers were unbelievable. I wish I could mention everything they did but they know how successful they were and I thank them all.

As I reflect, the best reason for a member to become an officer of Vero Beach AAUW is the wonderful appreciation you receive, closer friends and the knowledge that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I learned so many things and I thank you for giving me this chance. Have a safe and happy summer. See you in the fall.

Joyce Burkett
President, AAUW Vero Beach Branch

AAUW National Vote!!!

Please remember, it is almost time to vote on the three National By Laws. You will receive an email giving you your member number from National. You can call after that to 800 326-2289 to receive a paper ballot. They should be able to answer your questions at that number or provide one you may use for questions. The three issues are:

  1. Having non-members of AAUW on the National Board
  2. Staggering National Board Member terms so they do not all end together
  3. Waiving the college degree for membership in AAUW. They have been unsuccessful on this issue in previous efforts.

Some of these issues are controversial so please make a concerted effort to vote whichever way you wish. It is important to show National how the majority of women think about these issues.

Creative Writing is proud to announce that their Book Women's Words
is now available on Kindle

New Members interested in joining? Please contact Ursula Duguid, coordinator of member groups. 794-1667 or email
Reminder!! Any prospective member of Vero Beach AAUW may attend any group ONCE before making a commitment to join our organization.

Mark your Calendars! MAY Meetings

11:30 5th Branch Meeting, Awards Luncheon and Installation of Officers, catered at Christ by the Sea Methodist church 3755 A1A, Vero Beach, Christ by the Sea Bell Choir

1:30, 8th Reading Group 5 (2nd Tuesday of month)
Co-chairs, Linda MacDonald 234-3473 or or Jackie
Jacobus, 492-1656 or

1:30, 9th Reading Group 4 (2nd Wednesday of month)
Chair, Linda Bara, 475-485-8364 or

1:30, 9th Reading Group 2 (2nd Wednesday of month)
Chair Sheila Troob 794-5356

12:30, 10th & 24th Duplicate Bridge (2nd & 4th Thursday of month)
Call Rebecca Barkett 567-9688 or

10 :00, 11th Reading Group 6 (2nd Friday of month)
Chair, Sandra Lackas 770-2977 or

9:30,15th Reading Group 1. (3rd Tuesday of month).
Indian River Estates West, Fireplace Library, call Margaret Heinrich 299-0142 or

1:30, 16th Creative Writing (3rd Wednesday of the month)
Chair, Rosemary Brofos, 231-4786, Lexington Club

1:30, 18th Public Policy (3rd. Friday of month)
Chair, Suzanne Jones 248-767-9402

1:30, 21th Reading Group 3 (3rd Monday of month)
Chair, Barb Spelman, 703-851-0887 or

1:00, 22nd I nternational Relations (4th Monday of month)
Citrus Room, East Building, Indian River Estates. Call Barbara Mandell

Have a wonderful and safe summer!
See you in the fall.

PO Box 2143
Vero Beach, FL 32961