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November, 2018 Newsletter
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Continental breakfast
followed by the book review of
Oh! Florida by Craig Pittman

November 5th, 2018 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Richardson Center, IRSC campus
6155 College Lane
Vero Beach, 21966

Guest speaker: Anthony(Tony) Young, retired US Army Colonel, is currently on the Vero Beach City Council. He is a descendant of the local pioneer Young family that helped establish Indian River County. His grandfather was the first mayor of Vero Beach in 1919. Tony will be introduced by Dr. Dee Sattler.

Open to the public with no admission, but we appreciate donations of new or gently used pre-K books for our young readers project.

AAUW Vero Beach is a non-partisan organization and does not necessarily endorse the views of event speakers.
Amanda Cox
Amanda joined us as Linda Barker's guest. Amanda and her dancers, together with Linda and the Let Go journal committee members, will bring 'Let Go 4 Schools' to Indian River County. They received a Community Action Grant to film the performance, specially revised for the issues middle school girls face. They hope to bring it to 1200 girls in Indian River County within the next two years.

'Let Go!' was originally presented on stage as a dance theater performance. The theme is for students to first understand, and then Let Go of all the negative voices in their heads so that their positive attributes can shine forth, and their self-esteem can triumph.
With the bullying that goes on in our schools and online today, it is easy for children to form negative opinions about themselves. Without an outlet to change their pessimistic/defeatist attitudes, the outcome can prove fatal, and has in many cases.

We commend Amanda, Linda and all involved! Keep up the great work .

Dr. Beth Hewitt
5710 Shannon Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34951

January, 2019 Book Review Breakfast will be held on the 7th NOT the 14th.


Dr. Sallyanne Fitzgerald
P. O. Box 651339
Vero Beach, FL 32965
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Political vs. Partisan:
A Guide to Your AAUW
Advocacy Actions
AAUW is a nonpartisan organization that promotes equity for women and girls, and we have a long history of creating social change through public policy efforts. Because this work is often done within the political world, there is sometimes confusion about AAUW's political work versus our nonpartisan stance.

Our work has always been political, but has never been partisan. Values influence our work, but what is the line between being political and being partisan? Political work can be characterized by shared values, working toward a common goal, and an end result that is best for the community as a whole. Put simply, being political is a way to influence legislation and regulation through government or public affairs, while partisan activities have a firm adherence to a party, faction , or person.

For example, AAUW believes there is a gender pay gap and that we should do something to address it. AAUW believes sexual assault is a big problem on campuses that undermines women's access to equal educational opportunities. These are political positions, but we work to solve them in a nonpartisan way.

We'll work with any policy makers who share our goals - even if they differ with us on another facet of the AAUW Public Policy Priorities.
When members take advocacy actions in the name of AAUW, those actions must be political rather than partisan. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining if your actions are political or partisan:


* Remain nonpartisan. Do not endorse candidates in partisan races.
* Work on issues guided by our values and mission, including taking positions on ballot initiatives that are in line with AAUW's Public Policy Priorities.
* Engage with candidates and elected officials from all major parties equally, making sure questions are phrased in a neutral manner.
* Encourage voter registration for everyone, regardless of their political persuasion.


* Expressly advocate for or endorse any particular partisan candidate.
* Encourage voter registration of a particular party.
* Share AAUW membership lists with campaigns or political parties.
* Fund raise for partisan candidates or coordinate any election activity with a campaign or political party.

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