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 September, 2018 Newsletter
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President's Message
Please welcome the following members to our
2018-2019 Board of Directors:
Kathleen Kalt - Co-VP of Programs
Carla Flournoy - Co-VP of Membership/Webmaster Martha Kucinski - Parliamentarian
Joan Foster and Pamela Papendick - Co- Rec. Secretaries
Thank you, ladies, for stepping forward.

My main focus as your president will be education. It will be my job to keep our members 'in the know' by instituting a Did You Know? column in each monthly Hotline. Also, as a community outreach, I hope to spread the news of AAUW's purpose, policies and services.
I'm looking forward to a fun-filled season. As you can see in your tri-fold brochure and new member handbook it will be an ' active' one. Carolyn Bayless has done a superb job finding renowned speakers for our Book Review Breakfasts. Our program team has reserved unique restaurants and speakers for our Branch Meetings. We are heading to Melbourne in January for the Regional Meeting. As for Diane Sattler and Elaine Spooner, I can't say enough to compliment their efficiency and diligence as Co-Communication Chairs. All matters of importance met the Cultural Council's deadline of July 1st on time. Kudos to all!

Along with our usual Book/Author Luncheon fundraiser we will have another Play the Nat'l 2019 Mah Jong Card Party and a Senior Expo . Remember to browse our website for upcoming events and articles depicting past events that you may not have attended or heard about. Find our website at:


We extend our warmest heartfelt sympathies to the family of Harriett Kirk Crago, one of the founding members of AAUW Vero Beach Branch.


AAUW National Vote

Thank you for your votes, on the three National By Laws. The
three issues were:

  1. Having non-members of AAUW on the National Board (did not pass)
  2. Staggering National Board Member terms so they do not all end together (passed)
  3. Waiving the college degree for membership in AAUW. They have been unsuccessful on this issue in previous efforts. (did not pass)
These issues were controversial. Thank you again for taking the time to exercise your voting power.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!"

This year the AAUW Development Committee allocated a $2000 scholarship to the Economic Opportunity Council to be awarded to two nursing students. The recipient for the Fall semester is Cassandra Smith-Raymond. The additional recipient will be named in the Spring.
Scholarship recipients for the 2018-19 academic year have been selected by the Indian River State College Foundation. This year's AAUW Vero Beach Branch Scholarship recipients are well qualified academically with GPA's ranging from 3.50 to 3.95.

The recipient of the $500 AAUW LPN Endowment Scholarship is Kristen Hazel, pursuing a degree in nursing.
The recipients of the $1200 Vero Beach Branch Scholarship are as follows:

Brittany Bailey - GPA of 3/48. She hopes to obtain a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and further her education in genetics.

Maricris Clark - GPA of 3.52. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in IT Management and cyber security.

Shelby Kinsey - GPA of 3.41. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting with plans to become a financial accountant.

Madison Torrent - G PA of 3.95. she received highest honors when she finished her AA degree. She will be transferring to the University of Florida majoring in graphic design and minoring in business.
AAUW National Convening Task Force
The AAUW National Convening Task Force and AAUW Board of Directors, are pleased to announce plans for 2020 and a celebration that marks the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, as well as an important election year and AAUW’s role for 137 years and counting as a national leader for gender equity.

Following the National Convening Task Force’s rigorous internal and external review of conventions, conferences, and other events on gender equity taking place around the nation, ;they are now planning a yearlong 2020 National Convening for AAUW. The various programs and events will spotlight AAUW strategic priorities — education and training, economic security, and leadership — focused on how they can have meaningful and lasting impact toward improving the lives of all women and girls.

The 2020 National Convening will engage members across the country — through live streams, webinars, and other communications — to participate in important initiatives and events such as marking Equal Pay Day to advocate for better laws and positive employer pay practices, rallying around landmark court cases for women, and launching research about the status of women on campuses today to continue to push for greater equity. Also, as 2020 is an election year, they can tap into the legacy of securing the right to vote by ensuring women exercise this right and by supporting voter registration and Get Out the Vote activities and events. As states and branches participate in a range of 19th Amendment commemorative activities, they can bring their energy and experiences together with national and regional convenings to help galvanize the movement and attract new generations and supporters for the future.

For those who are able to travel to Washington, DC, there will be a 1–2 day program that will include an AAUW National Awards event combined with a lobby day training and trip to Capitol Hill. Dates and venues are still being finalized and they will update us on these details as soon as possible so we can save the date!

Many of the digital concepts for the convening will begin to be tested at the end of 2018 and in 2019 to prepare for a fulsome program in 2020. They will be communicating regularly with state and branch leadership on programming plans, incorporating all of the great work being done at the local level. 
The #MeToo Movement
The hand and eye cut outs on this woman's outfit detail the names of various men in Hollywood who had sexually harassed her. What names would you place on a similar outfit worn by you?
Don't be afraid to break the SILENCE! You are not alone. 17,700,000 women have reported sexual assault since 1998.
In October 2017, the #MeToo movement exploded on Twitter. Within weeks it had permeated social media, major news outlets, and everyday life, fueled by survivors of sexual assault and harassment who had finally found an outlet that let them speak their truths and know they weren't alone in their experiences.
Although #MeToo initially focused on adults, the message spread to students in K-12 schools where sexual abuse is common both in person and online. MeTooK-12 is a spin-off of #MeToo created in January 2018 by the group Stop Sexual Assault in Schools , founded by Joel Levin and Esther Warkov.
#MeTooK-12 was inspired in part by the removal of certain federal Title IX sexual misconduct guidelines. Only 18 states require people in education to receive training about what to do when a student or teacher is sexually abused. There is evidence that sexual misconduct in K-12 is dramatically under-reported.
It has been noted that 1 in 6 men have experienced sexual abuse of some sort during their lives and often feel unable to talk about it.
Men and boys who have been sexually abused may experience many of the same feelings and reactions as other survivors of sexual assault, but they may also face some additional challenges because of social attitudes and stereotypes about men and masculinity.
Again, I stress, if this has happened to you, don't be afraid to break the SILENCE. In the telling comes healing. In the healing comes victory - you no longer remain a Victim!

National Sexual Assault Hotline:
Birgitta Byers and Sylvia La Rocca did a fabulous job during our 2017-2018 season. Thank you for your time, talent and treasures shared with all of us!

Judging by the new 2018-2019 schedule of restaurants, Beverly Whiteley and Judy Powell have picked up the baton to muster on.

Many of us enjoy scouting out new places to eat. We are fortunate that Vero Beach has so many eating venues to choose from. Beverly and Judy have found some unique locations to rendezvous. Great Job!

All the listed restaurants take separate checks and have a special room for us.

For more information or to reserve a seat, please call either: ( please reserve - for correct count )

Beverly Whiteley 772-257-5950 or

Judy Powell 772-584-3228

Please cut this Lunch Bunch section out of the Hotline or print it out and save it for future records.
11:30 a. m.
October 26, 2018

Squid Lips - 160 N. Indian River Dr., Sebastian 589-3828

December 7, 2018

Riverside Cafe - 3342 Bridge Plaza, Vero Beach 234-5550

January 25, 2019

Italian Grill - 2180 58th Ave. (Ryanwood Plaza), Vero Beach

February 22, 2019

American Icon Brewery - 1133 19th Place (off 60 East), Vero Beach

March 29, 2019

Inti International Restaurant - 2199 7th Ave., Vero Beach 257-6652

April 26, 2019

Cajun Cove - 89 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach 617-6359

May 24, 2019

C J Cannon's - 3414 Cherokee Dr., Vero Beach (Airport) 567-7727

  • AAUW National won a silver Excel award on June 25 from Association Media and Publishing for our #StandUptoSexism campaign!
  • Bani Singh Mahadeva came to California from India in 1954 on an AAUW International Fellowship and went on to teach, found a women's studies program, and became an AAUW Champion for Women and Girls. "I have so much gratitude to AAUW for giving me a start in life, and I want to pay it forward," said Bani.
AAUW is training 10 million women to negotiate their financial future by 2022. Go to: https.//
. AAUW Vero Beach Branch is nonpartisan - we put politics aside. We are free from party affiliation, bias and designation.
We are also apolitical - neutral - we do not take sides. If a member wanted to host a political 'Meet & Greet' they would have to invite 'ALL' candidates from 'All' parties.
  • AAUW's Fellowship and Grants is celebrating 130 years of helping scholars and activists to overcome barriers to their education advancement. Recipients have become leaders in business, government, academia, community activism, the arts, and the sciences. Please go to Congratulations to AAUW 2018-19 Fellowship and Grant Awardees! to see the newest recipients of these awards.
  • AAUW Mission & Action is a bimonthly bulletin that brings AAUW news and updates directly to your email box. It is mailed to all AAUW members who have provided n email address with their membership information. If you would like to update your membership information or email address, please log in to make changes online or email them at They welcome your comments on AAUW Mission & Action. Please send feedback: to

AAUW Women's Words can be
purchased by going to Amazon and typing in: AAUW Women's Words
This lovely book makes a unique gift for family, friends and co-workers.

Article appeared in the June 22, 2018 edition of YourNews

The American Association of University Women Vero Beach has received a national grant to create " Let Go 4 Schools " to help girls understand issues they might have with negative inner voices.

" Let Go " was first presented as a dance theater performance by Charter High School graduate Amanda Cox. The AAUW chapter asked Cox to perform the piece as a fundraiser in 2016 and, after a 'talk back' session with the audience, came up with the idea to turn the show into a teaching tool with a focus on middle school girls.

Our AAUW affiliation applied for a Community Action Grant from AAUW in Washington, D.C., and received one of 30 issued throughout the U.S.

With the grant in hand and supplementary funds from AAUW fundraiser, " Let Go 4 Schools " will be presented to middle-school girls in Indian River County over the next two years .Filming is expected to begin in September. Along with the film will be workbooks-one for the girls and a Teachers' Guide for participating teachers.

Cox is re-imagining the performance in order to bring it to the approximately 1200 middle-school girls in the county, and there are plans to film the newly envisioned show. Janie Graves Hoover of Tight Line Productions will manage the filming and processing.
Environmental Learning Center's STEAM Mentorship Program by Phil Barnes, for Luminaries
Published July 23, 2018


The ten-day program sponsored by Quail Valley Charities and the American Association of University women, gave girls a hands-on, real world experience with marine ecology, soundscape ecology and marine technology.

In addition to learning to build and pilot their own remote operated vehicles, the girls used a hydrophone to listen to shrimp underwater. They completed a nature writing workshop and received books from published author Stacie Ramie, and they learned how to code in the Robotics Lab of Indian River State College.

Notably, all of the activities featured in Environmental Learning Center's program are facilitated by professional women with STEAM careers. The reasoning is simple, according to marine ecologist Sarah Rhodes-Ondi, naturalist at the Environmental Learning Center. " We are heading into an age where we are in a technology-driven society, and the number of women in STEAM professions is extremely low - some fields reporting number under 20 percent ," she said. " Part of the issue is that our culture reinforces that men are the innovators, programmers and gamers. We're trying to expand these girls' horizons and pique their interest in STEAM during a period when the research shows that their interest in these fields declines. We're showing the girls they can achieve and succeed in these fields by introducing them to accomplished professional women working in STEAM field." she said.
please print copies and hand out to eligible inquiring friends & family

Like what you see? Interested in joining?

Eligibility for membership: A graduate holding an associate degree or equivalent, or a baccalaureate or higher degree from a qualified educational institution is eligible to become an AAUW member; Such membership shall be granted upon payment of AAUW dues.

Dues and Donations:

National Dues $59 + State Dues $12 + Vero Beach Branch Dues $25 + Mailing fee $2 = Total $98 ($81 tax deductible) Add $7 if you want the HOTLINE mailed to you instead of emailed.

STF DUES: ( Shape The Future) discount: - for new members only who sign up at one of our AAUW events or have attended a previous activity = $62.50 ($51.50 tax deductible)

To Pay By Check: Make check payable to AAUW Nero Beach Branch and mail check with a completed application to: AAUW Vero Beach, P. O. Box 2143, Vero Beach, FL 32961

To Pay Online: Go to: You'll be able to pay via Pay Pal or credit card. Please fill out the online application form, or print it out and send it in to the mailing address above.


If you wish to donate to scholarships and other AAUW funds, and want to pay by check, please send check to above mailing address and notate in the subject line on the check, the fund you wish to financially support.

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Scholarships only (IRSC & Reach) $__________________________________________

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Mark your Calendars!

September, 2018

11:30 - September 15 - Branch Meeting Vincent's Pizza & Brew,
510 21st. St. (Miracle Mile) Guest Speaker: Dr. Lillian Torres-Martinez (School District) - Topic: Title IX

see October Hotline for details

9:30 - September 18 - Tuesday (every third Tuesday of each month)
Group 1 Reading Group (Book Club) - Chair: Eleanor Wade,
226-0834 or September - May


ngretirUS Army Colonel currently on the Vero Beach City Council, will review ; Oh! Florida by Craig Pittman.

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