Verona Road Business Coalition


The Verona Road Business Coalition (VRBC) is making their collective voice heard regarding the State's Transportation Budget and possible delays to the transportation projects!  


On behalf of the VRBC, we have been reaching out to our elected officials, State Senators and Representatives, the Joint Finance Committee to urge them to find a path to funding the US Highway 151/ Verona Road reconstruction project so that there are NO delays in the construction. 


We have been working on your behalf to reach out to the following governmental entities and representatives:

Together, we are making a meaningful difference advocating for the Verona Road Construction project. Senators and Legislators have heard our message, but the process isn't over yet. The Verona Road Construction project needs a final push of support from you.

Please consider letting your legislators and Governor Walker know that YOU support this vital road construction project in our communities being completed within the existing five year timetable.   It is in the best interests of our businesses, our residents, our communities and the entire State of Wisconsin for the Verona Road project to be completed on time without delay.     


Thank you!


VRBC - Building Our Future!


Cindy K. Jaggi
Project Manager, Verona Road Business Coalition

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