MAY 2019
Greetings from David Kenney
President & Executive Director

Five Focus Areas of Climate Solutions

Solving the climate crisis might well be humanity's greatest challenge. We don't have much time, and finding and deploying effective solutions will require global action on multiple fronts:

  • New technologies must be accelerated faster by early funding and key support
  • Existing technologies must be improved and deployed at record speed
  • Policy and regulations must be implemented to fuel innovation and change
  • Behavior changes (both personal and collective) must be embraced to reduce consumption
  • Education must be amped up to quickly teach what must be done

As a climate impact accelerator, VertueLab is laser-focused on No. 1 in the list above: unleashing innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure new technologies scale and reverse the climate crisis. Clean technologies take longer to develop, which is why early-stage, patient investment is critical. We've done this for a decade, and it's paying off. As you'll read below, the cleantech startups we've supported are seeing success, from a new wind turbine foundation that saves CO2 to massive batteries that enable more renewable energy storage.

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Announcing the Theme for #VIS19: COUNTDOWN!
The 2019 theme emphasizes the urgency of finding climate solutions

"COUNTDOWN!," the theme for this year's VertueLab Impact Summit, speaks to how little time humanity has to solve the climate crisis, how fast we at VertueLab are working to accelerate cleantech climate solutions, and how foundations, public funders, and individuals can speed the transition to a low-carbon economy through our Climate Impact Fund. The clock is ticking! Plan to join us this fall at #VIS19. Early bird registration is now open, and there are a few sponsorship opportunities still available. #VIS19 is the place to meet the visionary doers, thinkers, funders, and innovators working hard to reverse the climate crisis. Join us!
CO2-Saving Wind Tower Foundation Wins National Honor
RUTE Foundations, the VertueLab-supported company that has developed a modular wind turbine tower foundation ( first installation, pictured above) that uses 75 percent less concrete, cuts CO2 emissions, and allows wind farms to come online faster, has won a national award for its technology. RUTE will be at the WINDPOWER conference on May 20-23 in Houston. Watch drone footage video of the first installation of the modular foundations, and read the full story in the Marshall Independent.

Forest Waste Conversion Startup Awarded $250,000
VertueLab-supported startup HM3 Energy , developer of a technology that converts waste forest residues such as logging slash into torrefied briquettes, has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Forest Service to explore siting a plant in rural Arizona. The technology connects clean energy innovation with rural economic impact. The total funding is $443,000, including matching funds. Full story .

Massive, Flow Battery Deployed at Camp Pendleton
ESS, Inc. has just deployed its Energy Warehouse™ long-duration flow battery system at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego. The 50 kW / 400 kWh battery provides up to eight hours of storage to enable back-up capabilities for critical loads, operational energy cost savings through on-site generation with storage, and full islanding capabilities for resilience. Full story.

SweetSense Sensor Technology Featured in Forbes
IBM is tapping the sensor technology developed by VertueLab-supported startup SweetSense to monitor groundwater usage in in one of the largest and at-risk aquifers in North America. SweetSense is currently monitoring groundwater for more than a million people via satellite networks in Kenya and Ethiopia and plans to scale to 5 million by the end of the year. Full story in Forbes magazine.
Meet One-on-One with Investors, Strategic Partners
Apply to participate in Eco-Capital Connections

Is your Pacific Northwest-based cleantech business ready to connect with investors and strategic partners? Apply by June 26th to be considered for Eco-Capital Connections, an annual invitation-only matchmaking event with the most active cleantech investors from the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and global corporations. Eco-Capital Connections is co-located at the VertueLab Impact Summit.
100 Climate Solutions (and Some Might Surprise You)
Consulting this list of top solutions might influence your impact investing
Jon Foley, the new director of Project Drawdown, talks about his organization's list of climate solutions, ranked by potential impact, and how some of the most powerful solutions are not what you might imagine. Take food waste, for example. If food waste worldwide were a nation, it would rank third, behind the U.S. and China, as a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in the climate solutions included on this list can fast-track new clean technologies. The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund offers a way for foundations, public funders, and individuals to make a measurable impact.

May 20 - 21 | SEED Conference
Join VertueLab's Ken Vaughn and David Kenney and a range of other leaders presenting at this conference on the seed stage funding and acceleration ecosystem. The gathering is for any stakeholder – social entrepreneurs, impact investors, foundations/philanthropists, corporate social innovation teams, and intermediaries such as accelerators and seed funds – working within the seed stage ecosystem. San Francisco, CA

Listen to VertueLab's Ken Vaughn present "Impact Investing for Climate Action" at this one-day forum, co-hosted by Keiretsu Forum NW and E8. Forbes magazine calls impact investing the next big thing, and a recent Barclays study found more than half of respondents expressed interest in impact investing, but fewer than 9 percent had actively engaged. Come learn more! Seattle, WA

Presented by Prosper Portland, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and Central Eastside Industrial Council, this conference is for manufacturers, makers, and startups focused on manufacturing. Portland, OR

June 4 (Seattle) & June 6 (Portland) | NW Homeland Security Conferences
This event offers a rare opportunity to connect directly with the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) procurement leaders from Washington D.C. who are interested in meeting with Pacific Northwest businesses that supply a wide range of products and services. Register for either the Seattle or Portland event.

June 18-19 | FORTH Roadmap 12
The Roadmap Conference is the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility. Hear from 100+ national and international speakers, see dozens of exhibits, take regional smart mobility tours, and join high-energy interactive sessions.

This event focuses on emerging technologies in advanced mobility, energy, and the built environment. Join regional leaders from the startup, corporate, public, and research communities to examine how to integrate and implement solutions for maximum impact. San Leandro, CA

Meet the startups in the 2019 cohort of the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator and join cleantech leaders from across the nation and world to help link policy, applied and basic research, and technology development to achieve a cleaner economy and environment locally and globally. Seattle, WA

Ongoing grants from a wide range of federal agencies that support small business startups and research innovations. Get assistance from VertueLab's SBIR/STTR experts!

Request for Information | Solar Energy Technologies Office
The U.S. Dept. of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office seeks feedback from industry, academia, research labs, government agencies, and others to identify challenges and opportunities for the American solar industry appropriate for federal government funding.

An opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking investment capital to present their early stage businesses to Willamette Valley Capital for capital investment.

If your product or service is “Made in America,” your company could qualify for this matching grant funding from the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center.
Stopping Climate Change Will Take All of Us, Now
Your donation helps fund, support, and advance climate solutions

VertueLab helps unleash innovation and entrepreneurship to accelerate critical climate solutions. As the climate crisis continues to unfold, it is more critical than ever to ensure these solutions reach the marketplace and achieve scalable impact as soon as possible. Your donation makes a real difference in achieving a sustainable climate future, and we thank you for it.
Let's Collaborate and Make an Impact!
Resources and expertise for innovators and investors

At VertueLab , we support great ideas from entrepreneurs and help donors and investors ensure that their dollars are making a positive impact on the planet by slowing the climate crisis. We collaborate to help transform ideas into successful enterprises and measure the impact all along the way. Contact us and let's see what we can create !