JUNE 2019
Greetings from David Kenney
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Helping Cleantech Companies Succeed

Happy Summer Solstice! Last week, we announced the 2019 cohort of the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator. The eight Pacific Northwest startups in this year's cohort are developing technologies ranging from concrete made from hemp and coatings that boost solar panel efficiency, to EV retrofits for cargo fleet vans, a conversion process for waste plastics, and more.

The Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator is co-operated by VertueLab and CleanTech Alliance, and we're proud to be helping these startups early on. After all, that's what VertueLab does: we offer a unique combination of early stage funding coupled with a suite of expert support services so clean technology entrepreneurs can help reverse the climate crisis faster.

The world is taking notice of our impact. Recently, several of our portfolio companies have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg News, and other outlets. Many have attracted millions in follow-on funding (including two of the companies highlighted below). And the entrepreneurs of our portfolio companies are presenting at conferences around the world, including The Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, where Rita Hansen of OnBoard Dynamics was selected to participate.

Thank you for being part of our success,
#VIS19 Speakers to Address Climate Crisis Plan
Speakers for the Fireside Chat announced

The Fireside Chat is a highlight of the VertueLab Impact Summit each fall. We're happy to announce the speakers who will bring their expertise and insights to the topic, Technology Innovation and the Plan to Reverse Climate Change. The speakers are:

  • Crystal Chissell is vice president of operations and management at Project Drawdown. She fosters adoption of a broad, solutions-based approach within the Drawdown Coalition, a global network of partners committed to reversing global warming. Chissell has an interdisciplinary background in law, environmental science, and business management.

  • Aaron Chockla is a venture capitalist with True North Venture Partners, where he focuses on identifying early stage investment opportunities and key technology and market trends. Prior to joining True North, Chockla held various research, development, and engineering positions and has worked as a startup consultant and cofounded a cleantech startup.

  • Stephen Zoegall is a senior digital strategist at Accenture, where he focuses on cities, IoT, mobile strategy, and connected spaces. He is Accenture’s offer development lead for Connected Parking, working with leading global partners to develop city- and campus-wide integrated transportation solutions that put smartphones and wearables at the heart of personal mobility.

  • Kirk Washington is group VP of Sacre-Davey, VP corporate development at SDE3 Engineering (a Sacre-Davey Company), and principal of Washington Associates. He is also board chair at Vertuelab and an advisor to W-Fund and CoMotion Innovation Fund at the University of Washington and Element 8 Angels in Seattle. He was a cofounder and general partner of Yaletown Venture Partners.

And a BIG THANKS to this year's generous sponsors of the VertueLab Impact Summit...
Eight PNW Startups Selected for Early Support
Cleaning up marine litter, making concrete with hemp, coating solar panels...

The Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator, powered by VertueLab and CleanTech Alliance, has announced its 2019 cohort of eight Pacific Northwest startups that will receive cleantech-specific training in business planning, customer discovery, manufacturing, and planning for environmental and social sustainability. Last year's cohort is pictured above. The 2019 cohort includes:

  • BlueDot Photonics (Seattle) – Developer of an efficiency-boosting coating for solar panels.

  • Hempitecture (Ketchum) – Producer of hempcrete insulation blocks and other services for hempcrete construction.

  • Hexas Biomass (Olympia) – Producer and distributor of sustainable, non-wood biomass that can supplement or replace wood in multiple applications, including energy, composite/engineered materials, pulp and paper, and other applications that traditionally use wood.

  • Maxwell Vehicles (Seattle) – Maker of electric vehicle retrofits for fleet cargo vans.

  • SCW Technologies (Seattle) – Developer of a patent-pending technology that uses water to convert plastic to its original petro-chemical state, providing a cost effective solution to plastic marine litter and the landfilling of end-of-life-plastics.

  • SHB Power Plan Engineering (Portland) – Developer of a biomass power system that produces carbon-neutral co-generation power from otherwise intractable fuels, such as sugarcane bagasse and other agricultural waste products.

  • Stark Street Materials (Portland) – Producer of lightweight, nontoxic and recyclable radiation shielding garments.

  • Sustainabilist (Portland) – Developer of a process improvement platform specifically designed for the HVAC and solar trades that small business owners can use instead of an outside consultant.

Read more about 2019 cohort member Stark Street Materials in this Portland Tribune story.
Arcimoto FUV Hits SFO Streets, Launches "Deliverator"
VertueLab-supported company Arcimoto is moving into the San Francisco market where 40 of its electric Fun Utility Vehicles (FUV) will soon be operating as part of GoCar's fleet, whisking tourists up the city's hills and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Current GoCars don't have the oompf to scale the steepest hills and can't go onto the famous bridge, but Arcimoto's electric FUV can. Read full San Francisco Chronicle story . Acrimoto is also going after the small-scale delivery market with its Deliverator version of its FUV, which can maneuver traffic and tight parking to deliver everything from soup to nuts. Watch the video .

VertueLab-Supported Companies Win $200K DOE Awards
The U.S. Dept. of Energy just announced 200+ SBIR and STTR grants totaling $46 million. Among the winners are the VertueLab-supported startups BladeRunner Energy of Bend, developer of a new micro hydro power system, and NexTC of Corvallis, developer of thin film coatings that improve solar panel efficiency. Each startup won $200,000 grants, with help from VertueLab's SBIR expert Leon Wolf .

IOTAS Smart Home Technology Taking Off Across U.S.
Imagine never worrying if you turned out the lights, locked the door, or left the gas on. Imagine a home that remembers your household preferences, a home that can identify you and reacts defensively if it senses an intruder. Smart home technology developer IOTAS is seeing success as its technology is being put into buildings across the country, including a high rise in Chicago. Watch IOTAS CEO Sce Pike talk about the technology in this video.
Meet One-on-One with Investors, Strategic Partners
Apply by June 26 to participate in Eco-Capital Connections

Is your Pacific Northwest-based cleantech business ready to connect with investors and strategic partners? Apply by June 26th to be considered for Eco-Capital Connections, an annual invitation-only matchmaking event with the most active cleantech investors and global corporations. Eco-Capital Connections is co-located at the VertueLab Impact Summit.
The Power of Catalytic Capital to Speed Innovation
Philanthropic investors tap catalytic capital to seed innovation and scale

Debra Schwartz, managing director of the MacArthur Foundation, talks about how patient, flexible, “catalytic” investments can fuel innovation and more quickly scale progress. Because catalytic capital can take on more risk and/or accept a lower return than commercial capital, it has the potential to finance gains that would otherwise not be possible. The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund uses catalytic capital from a growing community of philanthropic investors to fill the capital gap and help clean technology entrepreneurs speed development of new climate solutions. Full story

Meet the startups in the 2019 cohort of the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator and join cleantech leaders from across the nation and world to help link policy, applied and basic research, and technology development to achieve a cleaner economy and environment locally and globally. Seattle, WA

VertueLab’s Johanna Brickman will be part of a panel at this summit called "Incubators and Accelerators: How Can They Help You Prepare Your Energy Startup to be Market Ready?" Panelists will discuss the different roles accelerators and incubators play to help energy entrepreneurs get started, what venture stage of startup they support, how they select companies, and to what degree they offer mentorship. Denver, CO

September 13 | VertueLab Impact Summit
The Pacific Northwest's premier cleantech innovation summit takes place each fall to bring together entrepreneurs working on climate solutions and the individuals, public funders, and other investors who are driven to stop the climate crisis by speeding development of new technologies so they can be deployed faster.

Ongoing grants from a wide range of federal agencies that support small business startups and research innovations. Get assistance from VertueLab's SBIR/STTR experts!

Request for Information | Solar Energy Technologies Office
The U.S. Dept. of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office seeks feedback from industry, academia, research labs, government agencies, and others to identify challenges and opportunities for the American solar industry appropriate for federal government funding.

An opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking investment capital to present their early stage businesses to Willamette Valley Capital for capital investment.

If your product or service is “Made in America,” your company could qualify for this matching grant funding from the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center.
Stopping Climate Change Will Take All of Us, Now
Your donation helps fund, support, and advance climate solutions

VertueLab helps unleash innovation and entrepreneurship to accelerate critical climate solutions. As the climate crisis continues to unfold, it is more critical than ever to ensure these solutions reach the marketplace and achieve scalable impact as soon as possible. Your donation makes a real difference in achieving a sustainable climate future, and we thank you for it.
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