This is a continuation of a previous email about light hygiene and photophobia.

If you have opened all of the pictures you will see (shown above) a recent 5 star review of a pair of very dark green lens glasses that were used to relieve migraine pain. Clicking on this review above will link you to the actual glasses the reviewer purchased

This Harvard Medical School article (named above) is totally free. It is a short read and was written for a broad audience.

In case you didn't hear this already, the migraine sufferer does not experience the same amount of discomfort from all equally intense colors of light.

When light increases pain or discomfort, the scientific literature refers to this as photophobia. So this is what the latest research has discovered about light color and migraine pain.

White or pure amber light proportionally aggravates migraine pain in step with ever increasing light intensity..

Blue or red light greatly aggravates migraine pain regardless of intensity.

But, very dark green light is migraine photophobia soothing. Brightening the intensity of the green light (entering the eyes) then proportionally, (in step with ever increasing intensity) causes the light to lose its effectiveness to relieve migraine pain.

Finally, when a very bright amount of green light enters the eyes this then causes a small increase in migraine photophobia pain.

Consequently, we sell very dark green lens glasses and light hygiene bulb filters for the purpose to relieve photophobia, which can be caused by migraine, allergy or colds.