Dear OJC Family,
We were alerted late last evening that one member of the OJC community who attended the Megillah reading on Monday night had just received the information that he tested positive for Covid-19. His symptoms, thank God, have been very mild, and as of yesterday, he actually felt completely well. His doctor advised that he and his family begin a period of two week self-isolation. Our first response is to wish only good health and the patience and strength to cope with this isolation to our fellow congregants.
Our second response is concern for our entire community. We have spoken with experts at CDC and the Rockland County Department of Health who have advised us that EVERYONE WHO WAS PRESENT AT THE MEGILLAH READING ON MONDAY NIGHT SHOULD ENTER PRECAUTIONARY SELF-QUARANTINE AS OF MARCH 10 TO CONTINUE THROUGH MARCH 23. Family members and close friends of those who will be in self-quarantine do NOT need to be in self-quarantine but should not be in close contact with those who are in quarantine.
If you were at the synagogue on Monday night, March 9, please begin self-quarantine and reach out to fellow congregants who were with us that night to ensure that they have received this information. We will be doing our best to recapture a list of those who attended and reach out to all of them personally.
To be clear, self-quarantine is voluntary quarantine at home by those who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus but are not experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing). The purpose of self-quarantine (as with self-isolation) is to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. Self-quarantine is reasonable if you are not experiencing symptoms, but have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
Since every member of our clergy and professional staff was present on the evening of Purim, we must - with much regret - cancel services completely for the next two Shabbatot. We, together with all who attended the Megillah reading on Monday evening, willl monitor ourselves for any symptoms that may arise. Sadly, we will not be able to use our scheduled live stream.
We are all invited to a Facebook Live event this evening at 6:00 pm when Amichai will lead us in Kabbalat Shabbat from his home. Go to Orangetown Jewish Center on Facebook to join this live event. Since this service will take place before Shabbat comes in and does not require a minyan, feel free to join us virtually and experience the togetherness of the OJC community. If you need assistance to find the OJC Facebook Live event on your computer, contact Rabbi Ami Hersh before 5:30 pm today.
For those who would like to pray with a live streamed minyan on Shabbat morning, we offer the following excellent options for you. Click on the synagogue listed below at the appropriate time. These synagogues will all have ten adults in place and so your personal prayers will be considered to be within a minyan.
Sutton Place Synagogue , New York, NY, 9:15 a.m.
Temple Emanu-El , Providence, RI, 9:30 a.m.
Park Avenue Synagogue , New York, NY, 9:45 a.m.
We hope that by Shabbat of March 27-28, we will be able to gather a minyan in our synagogue to begin the live streaming that we had hoped to offer this coming Shabbat. 
The OJC building will be closed until further notice for a deep and thorough cleaning, including the cancellation of minyan and Kulanu on Sunday morning and all programming on Monday.
As we have done from the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, we will stay closely connected to all of you via emails with up to date information. We are sorry that we could not send this email to all of you sooner but we were waiting to receive definitive word from the appropriate agencies in order to give you complete and correct information.
If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, or would just like to hear from one of your rabbis, please email: . Send me your best phone number and one of the rabbis will call before Shabbat or immediately after.
With wishes for a healthy, safe and calm Shabbat,
Michael Pucci, President
Rabbis Paula Mack Drill, Ami Hersh and Craig Scheff