Migrants at the border

THE PHOTO ABOVE: Illegal migrants are approaching the Canadian border to be assisted by border police. This exemplifies our concerns for the coming "U.N. Global Compact For Safe Orderly and Regular Migration". This is a document, which has the full support of our Prime Minister who sees Canada as a borderless entity governed by the untransparent, corrupt United Nations. This is often referred to as the, 'Global Compact', 'Compact' or 'Pact'...

GOVERNMENT RESPONSES TO OUR LETTERS: One MP replied to a letter from a concerned citizen, that the 'Global Compact' is 'non-binding'. This, of course, is to intimidate. It belies the fact that our PM will use the 'Global Compact' to rationalize and justify his support for illegal immigrants and the high level of refugees to Canada. And once approved, it will be hard to reverse. Canada should be in control of who comes into our country and should have control of our borders as most other sovereign countries do.

Yes, we want to continue bringing immigrants to Canada: We want to bring immigrants who support Canadian values and will contribute to the betterment of our country and not become a huge drain on our medical, social, and financial resources should come. In Toronto alone, a preferred destination for the new illegal migrants as well as refugees and immigrants, there is a huge crisis in low cost housing. As well, many Canadian communities have been heavily taxed to look after the new migrants, thus amassing large deficits.

IMPLICATIONS: CONTROLLING MEDIA: The 'pact' makes migration a human right. Not only are countries supposed to open their borders to migrants, but they are to promote mutual respect and accessibility. Countries must educate their professionals to show support and understanding. The media are expected to support this program or be penalized and refused funding. Thus the Trudeau new funding announcement of approx. $600,000,000 to specific media who act accordingly. Those who disagree with the 'pact' will be rejected and accused of being racists using hate speech.

THE POSITION OF OUR PRIME MINISTER: Trudeau has allowed 38,000 migrants illegal entry since January 2017. This in spite of a huge backlog of those applying legally. He is not managing the safety and security of our sovereign borders and believes they should be porous. He is arrogant, disparaging and condescending to anyone who is critical of the 'pact'. He believes that Canada should support migrants since Canada was built by immigrants. No need for borders. No worry about illegality. Listen and hear Trudeau's arrogant respond to Michelle Rempel, the official Opposition's immigration critic, here.

Many countries have now opted out of the 'pact': USA, Poland, Lichtenstein, The Czech Republic, Japan, Israel, Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium and more coming. Why not Canada? Should we not tell our PM not to sign?

Canadians for Charter Rights and Freedoms Russ Cooper has written about his concerns on the website of C3RF, here.

Prof. Salim Mansur To help understand the 'Compact', the professor has written Canada's Treacherous "Faustian Bargain" which develops the concept of 'Globalism' detailing PM Trudeau's views and involvement in this process, here. A MUST READ!

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! The vote at the U.N. in Marrakesh, Morocco, will be December 10 -11. Now is the time to send large numbers of letters to our MPs... PLEASE HELP! If you have already written, please write a follow-up. See SAMPLE letter below... Please encourage friends and family to write as well . Ask your MP why he/she would support this pact.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:   [email protected]
Premier Doug Ford:  [email protected]
Canadian Ambassador to the UN, Ambassador Marc-Andre Blanchard [email protected]

Shirley Anne Haber
The Media Action Group
Your letter should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing to? Why should they care? What do I want them to do? Please send me copies of your letters to: [email protected] - try and use your own word, be polite...or use information from the discussion of the issue above.

SAMPLE LETTER : (adjust for each person) (if you have already written, send a brief confirmation of your position stating that although 'non-binding', the 'Compact' would harm our country and could not be undone).
Dear (your MP) (or PM, Premier or Ambassador or any other official),
I am concerned about Canada signing the U.N. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the serious impact it could have on our Canada. It appears that Canada is set to sign this agreement in early December in Morocco without debate from Canadian citizens. 
Canada must have control over its borders and not be controlled or restricted by policies from any organization or the international community. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures our sovereign rights. Canadians see the 'Global Compact' as a threat to our sovereignty, our borders, our peace-of-mind and good governance.
In addition, it appears the 'Global Compact' seeks to 'eliminate' any criticism of accommodation of migrants, similar to Motion M-103 regarding Islamophobia, and labeling those Canadians who complain as racists or haters thus stifling any freedom of discussion. 

Canadians have graciously welcomed thousands of immigrants and refugees but want them to enter legally into our country according to our standards - they should share our values and contribute to the betterment of our country.
As my representative, I request that you look into details of the 'Global Compact' and report to me that Canada will vote 'no' in such a nation-changing initiative until a national debate on this issue is held. Our government should NOT sign an agreement of such magnitude and potential damage to Canada without Canadian citizens' approval. In fact, it would be best for Canada to disapprove of signing the 'Global Compact' altogether.

Although many MPs are saying that the 'Global Compact' is 'non-binding', we know that our Prime Minister is very supportive of this resolution and he will want to use this to justify allowing illegal immigrants into our country. Canada should be in control of our borders and who comes into our country the same as all other countries. No outside institution should control our borders or tell us who is admissible.
We already know from M-103, which was advertised as non-binding, that any changes would be very difficult if not impossible once agreed to. With the Global Compact on Migration, Canada will be severely impacted with little possibility of repair.
I look forward to hearing back from you, in the near future, with an answer to my concerns. 
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Remember to send me a copy of your letter...

Anne Marie Waters includes a lot of relevant information on the Global Compact in her talk - just listening to the beginning is helpful.
No UN Migration Pact; Save European Culture
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Published on Nov 23, 2018