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The Holiday Season is almost upon us. However you celebrate, we hope that it is filled with joy for you and your loved ones. But before you turn out the lights in your lab and begin to relax, have a look at what's exciting at Vescent Photonics.
Vescent Photonics is Hiring: Sales Engineer

We have an immediate opening for a Sales Engineer located east of Colorado. The  Job Description can be found here.

Come and join a dynamic, fast-growing team that leads the precision photonics community.

For information or to apply, contact us at
Vescent Photonics Has New Interim CEO

Rainer Kunz has joined Vescent as interim CEO. As you may recall from my previous email blast, Vescent recently transferred its interest in liquid crystal waveguide technology to Analog Devices. Our co-founder and former president, Dr. Mike Anderson, has joined the ADI team as well. Rainer's long experience in the photonics industry in a founding and leadership role at ColdQuanta and elsewhere has prepared him well to guide o ur growth while we search for a permanent leader. Rainer has committed to bringing growth to Vescent both through expanding our product portfolio and securing and executing more government contracts.

Mike Anderson remains associated with Vescent as Chairman of the Board of Directors. We wish him well in both of his new positions.

Vescent Photonics
Offset Phase Locks
and the new D2-250

Introducing the new  D2-250 Heterodyne Module which makes collecting an optical beat note easier and more stable than ever.  Kinematic optical mounts orthogonalize the optical adjustments to simplify and maintain optimized alignment. The D2-250 uses rotatable quarter wave plates and polarizing beam splitters to adjust the beat note power delivered to the detector allowing for either a "pass-through" or "terminal" optical configuration.
D2-250 Heterodyne Module

The D2-250 delivers the beat note to the  D2-160 Beat Note Detector via a multimode fiber. The D2-160 has been optimized with post-detection electronics for beat note detection and is an economical way to convert the optical signal into an electronic beat note for processing by the D2-135.
D2-160 Beat Note Detector

The D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo will tightly phase lock a slave laser to a master with a user-defined offset from 250 MHz to >9.5 GHz. Multi-gigahertz jumps and phase-continuous slewing  in under 100 ┬Ás are possible.
D2-135 OPLS

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