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Happy Holidays!
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Vescent Photonics will slow down for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, but we will still have a few folks ready to help you with your precision photonics and control needs.

Happy Holidays!
D2-105 Laser Controller Improved Compatibility with Photodigm TOSA Package

A popular combination found in many labs is our D2-105 Laser Controller driving a Photodigm MercuryTM TOSA DBR laser. We have modified the temperature control loop parameters of the D2-105 to make it easier than ever to temperature stabilize the TOSA as well as other lasers with a small thermal mass.

The D2-105 Laser Controller still offers the lowest current noise on the market with <100 nA rms noise integrated out to 1 MHz.  Control/modulation bandwidth from DC to >1.5 GHz and and dual PID temperature control loops  also  distinguish  the D2-105 Laser Controller as the highest performer on the market.

Coming Soon: SLICE

Our new line of precision photonics control electronics is reaching maturity and we will begin shipping in 2018.  SLICE will be a complete line of laser controllers, servos, current sources, & low-noise, high-bandwidth amplifiers.  SLICE products will feature a large touch screen for easy interface as well as a PC-resident GUI and serial command control. They will offer user-programmed I/O, low-jitter timed events, and a host of other convenient features.

The first SLICE product to hit the streets will be the SLICE-QT, a four-channel temperature controller designed for sub-milliKelvin stability.  It will find application in stabilizing diode lasers, photonic crystals, and mechanics which require nanometer-scale positioning stability.  For non-linear crystals, slew rate control prevents too rapid a change in temperature which could lead to depoling of expensive materials. Each of the four independent channels can be allocated its share of 40 W of stabilization power. SLICE-QT will control either TECs or resistive heaters and can accept an external error signal.

Congratulations to Dr. Jennie Guzman of Sandia National Labs.  Jennie won a free SLICE-QT in our drawing this summer.

We are extending our offers through the end of January for a $500 discount on the pre-order of a SLCIE-QT or a free SLICE-QT with the purchase of any high-power laser system from Vescent Photonics.*

SLICE: Welcome to the future of precision photonic control.

* Terms and conditions do apply.
It is always a pleasure working with Vescent's many customers and I look forward to seeing you again in 2018.  

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