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ICAP 2018


The International Conference on Atomic Physics  is happening now in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. At  ICAP, the community will discuss the most recent developments in atomic physics from quantum gases to atomic clocks.  A panel consisting of six Nobel laureates will discuss the main achievements in atomic physics and trends and directions for the near future.  We hope to see you there!

Vescent is a proud supporter of ICAP and the atomic physics community for which we design and manufacture atom-targeted photonics tools, including lasers with non-mechanical tuning as well as high-speed, low-noise laser control electronics, and accessory electro-optic modules. We invite you to our booth in the Palau Congressos Barcelona  to see for yourself how Vescent's products and programs can further your work.

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HAL - Heterodyne Agile Laser

A cw laser locked to a Doppler-free hyperfine transition of an alkali metal. A second laser offset phase locked to this master with ±10 GHz frequency tunability. Optically isolated and fiber-coupled. All of this in a butterfly package that easily fits into the palm of your hand. 

Vescent Photonics makes compact, atom-referenced tunable lasers for  optical physics and time keeping. We can design and build a HAL to your requirements.

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The absolute lowest noise in DIODE LASER CONTROL: the Vescent  D2-105 Laser Controller has <100 pA/√Hz noise density. It not only features the lowest noise, but it also offers the most flexible control and modulation I/O with bandwidth from DC to over 1.5 GHz. And to make the D2-105 a complete laser controller, the it offers two independent channels of PID temperature control capable of sub-millikelvin stabilization of the diode chip with a properly designed thermal plant.

offer robust performance with their non-mechanical tuning and short cavity. The Vescent D2-100-DBR laser provides up to 170 mW of power with linewidths <1 MHz and over 40 GHz of mode hop-free tuning that stays on-transition day after day. We have models targeted at Yb +, Rb, Cs, K, and metastable He, as well as other wavelengths and species.

SERVOING TO AN ERROR SIGNAL has never been easier and more effective than with the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo . With a full PI 2 D loop filter transfer function over a DC  to 10 MHz control bandwidth, the D2-125 will lock just about any laser (not just diode lasers) to an error signal, stabilizing its frequency, rep rate, amplitude, or pointing. The D2-125 sports a built-in ramp for easy lock set up and an auxiliary output for long-lived locks. TTL control over the output and its unique feature Lock Guard  both help deliver laser finesse into your hands.  

 for laser gain media, Photonic Integrated Circuits, non-linear crystals, and other crucial components will be available this summer from our new SLICE-QT Four-channel Temperature Controller. 40 W of user-assignable regulation power controlled via a touch screen, GUI, or serial commands makes temperature control a snap - especially with SLICE's slew rate control and interlocking capabilities.

We invite you to our booth to see for yourself
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