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Vescent Photonics offers a complete line of laser control and stabilization electronics and electro-optics, as well as Distributed Bragg Lasers at select wavelengths.  At CLEO 2017 in San Jose, we will be introducing our new SLICE product series.  SLICE will feature high-performance control over your laser current and temperature loops, and other critical functions in your photonics lab environment.  With a new look, touch screen control, and the same best-in-class performance you have learned to expect from Vescent, we're sure you will like what you see.

To introduce SLICE, we will be giving away a free SLICE-QT Temperature Controller.  Just register for the drawing at our booth.

We'll be at Booth 2215.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Win a SLICE-QT Temperature Controller!

The SLICE-QT is a four-channel temperature controller that will allow you to thermally stabilize your laser, photonic device, or non-linear crystal.  It is compatible with both TECs and resistive heaters.   The SLICE-QT features auto tuning to your thermal plant and has 40 W of user-allocatable control power.

The SLICE-QT is the first product release in Vescent's new SLICE line of control electronics.  Come to Booth 2215 to register for a chance to win one of the first SLICE-QT off the production line.

Complete 2-laser Offset Lock
Box-to-Lock in an Hour

The Vescent Photonics D2 Series of Lasers, Control Electronics, and EO Modules have proven to be excellent performers in the AMO Community. They can be configured as a complete cooling and repump laser system for potassium, rubidium, or calcium.

They are rock-solid stable and will have you up and running on Day 1.  We will have a laser locked to Rb spectroscopy at Booth 2215.  Come see for yourself.
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