For Sale: Large Run of Vestnik teatra
Vestnik teatra was published in Moscow from 1919-1921 by the People's Commissariat for Education, or Narkompros. In all, 94 issues in 95 numbers were published.

Offered here are 68 issues in 77 numbers, including 23 issues with inserted programs detailing Moscow theater events. The issues measure 14 x 10.5", and while printed on thin paper, this collection is remarkably well preserved.

During the years of the civil war, professional as well as amateur drama clubs, studios and companies sprang up everywhere "like mushrooms after rain". In 1919, Vestnik teatra reported that "the quantitative side is staggering. Future historians will record how throughout one of the bloodiest and most brutal of revolutions, all of Russia was acting". See Rudnitsky, K. Russian and Soviet Theater 1905-1932 . Abrams, New York, 1988, page 44.

Price: $4,750.