December 2, 2018 - 11:30 AM
Annual Congregational Meeting
Vestry Liaison Reports
Our 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting will take place in the church this Sunday immediately following the 10:30 a.m. service. At that time, in addition to reviewing the past year and taking a look forward, we will be electing those parishioners nominated for the Vestry Class of 2020: Tonia Graves, Steve Howell, Betsy Jones and Allie Wittkamp.

Our parish carries out the ministries of the church through teams of parishioners working diligently to accomplish our mission. Each team is led by a parishioner and has both a vestry member and staff member as liaison to the team. The reports below summarize the work of each team this year, along with the greatest challenges faced and hopes for the future.
Vestry Liaison Reports
Senior Warden – John Whitley
Main accomplishments in 2018
As Senior Warden, it is great to be surrounded by vestry members who are truly dedicated to the success of St. Andrews. You will see this as you read their accomplishments from this year. A majority of my time and the vestry’s time was spent working with the day school’s board this year. And even though we did not have the outcome we all wanted, it required a great deal of time and energy. 

Also, we composed and approved an Alcohol Policy. Many of us attended a “Safe Church Training” organized by the Newport News Police. From this meeting, we formed a committee and have implemented some of their suggestions. Lastly, we are concluding another successful Stewardship campaign led by Randy and Susan Bryant. As Senior Warden It is both challenging and rewarding to help with the all the decisions that must be made in a parish, from financial to property management. 

One of the biggest challenges in our parish is growth and involvement. This seems to be a standard theme through the diocese. But with everyone’s help we can change this trend.
My hopes for 2019 are that we find a use for our school building that will benefit the community and our outreach programs. Also, I would like to see more parishioners involved with our programs as we start building for our next 100 years. Let’s start now!
Junior Warden – Danny Switzer
Main Accomplishments
1. Repaired roof and restored teacher’s lounge following severe roof leak. The plaster ceiling, ceiling tiles, lights, walls, book cases, and carpet were all damaged by water.
2. The stained-glass windows that surround the sanctuary were all cleaned. Protective covers were removed and cleaned or replaced. Water damaged wood was replaced, and all wood was sheathed with color-matching metal to help keep out water in the future.
3. Brass safety rails were purchased and installed on the altar and leading up from the center aisle.
4. Solicited and received a bid to provide one additional wheelchair accessible space on each outside aisle in the sanctuary.
5. Prepared 300 River Road for selling.

Our greatest challenge has been getting 300 River Road ready to sell. 

My greatest hope for the future is that our 300 River Road property sells in a reasonable time.
Christian Formation – Fritz Horne
Christian Formation has programs for all ages. On Sunday mornings, September to June, the Adult Forum meets at 9:15 for open and frank discussion of the Bible and Christian life. Also for adults, the Inquiries class meets on various Sundays throughout the year at 9:15 to learn about the Episcopal Church in preparation for Confirmation.

For the youth, on specified Sunday mornings, Confirmation class meets at 9:15, and the Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) meets after church for fun, food and fellowship. Also every Sunday, Children’s Chapel meets during the sermon with lessons from the day’s readings.

During the week Woman of the World, meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, and on Thursdays at 10:00 AM the Thursday Morning Bible Study meets. Both of these meetings occur in the Parish Library.

The Churches of Hilton Village Vacation Bible School occurs in July.

I encourage every member of St. Andrew’s to take advantage of Christian Formation in order to grow in your Christian faith.
Communications – Ann Turner
In 2018 communications went beyond information and announcements, and included spiritual content created especially for Facebook and Instagram. Our Instagram features a daily prayer. During Lent, a 14-day Stations of the Cross was offered on both Facebook and Instagram. Daily prayers were shared while The Episcopal Church met in General Convention this summer. On Election Day, prayer was offered every hour on the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM. And beginning December 1, our Facebook and Instagram will be sharing a daily Advent Calendar. Another significant accomplishment was the addition of a Current Outreach Projects page to our website – a place where you can find current needs in our community. 

Biggest Challenge? The Communications Team has done great work together – building a new website, installing the lobby TV, joining Instagram. Now the team needs new members and leadership to build on this work and move to the next level. 

Our hope is that everyone at St. Andrew’s would join this ministry in some way. Follow St. Andrew’s on Facebook and Instagram, like and comment on our posts. Share what’s going on at St. Andrew’s and what your church means to you on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Join the Communications Team. Take pictures and help us manage our social networks. If you’d like to learn more contact Ann Turner, or 407-1254.
Congregational Development – Jay Lambiotte 
The Congregational Development Team initiated a number of activities designed to invite, welcome, and connect newcomers to our church. These included the Each One Invite One project, three Coffee Connects that took place after services, and an evening social in September for all newcomers. We have welcomed 18 new families to St. Andrews this year. We have formalized the steps to ensure newcomers are integrated into our church community to the extent that they desire.

Our challenge is to find ways to actively grow the church community through our words and deeds. This will undoubtedly require strong support and participation from our congregation. For the coming year, we need to build on the momentum that has been established. 

We plan to revisit the Adopt- A- Student program with CNU to see how it might be successfully carried out this coming year. 
Hospitality/Parish Life – Merrill Hemmert
The goal of Hospitality/Parish Life is to provide opportunities for fellowship to members and visitors of St. Andrews. In 2018 these events were hosted by the Hospitality committee: a dinner after One City Marathon, a brunch on Youth Sunday and a Fall Kick-Off brunch (modified to breakfast following hurricane Florence), as well as coffee bars each Sunday morning September-May. The committee also began planning several events for 2019 in celebration of St. Answers 100th anniversary. 

This past year’s biggest challenge has been to find a chairperson for Parish Life. 

My hope for 2019 is that we are able to truly celebrate the special place that St. Andrews has been for 100 years and be inspired to enter the next 100 years with enthusiasm for what the future will bring!
Finance - Mary Waddill
The committees that comprise Finance are: Treasurer, Stewardship, Budget, Lackey Funds, Memorials and Gift Cards.

The main accomplishments of Finance are to successfully operate within the budget, and to conduct a successful Annual Contribution Campaign. These two areas are also the greatest challenges for Finance. The greatest hope for Finance to to have a successful Annual Contribution campaign, and subsequently prepare a practical, working budget for the upcoming year.

The Lackey Funds are distributed annually to various community organizations, and generous donations to Memorials allow us to purchase non-budgeted items for the church (ex. Altar hangings).
Outreach – Elise Wall
The Outreach team, facilitated by Lindsey Nicolai, met quarterly to discuss the status of the various outreach ministries here at St. Andrews. These discussions included both the outreach ministries funded by our Pledges and Plate donations as well as the outreach ministries funded through the Carolyn Lackey Endowment.  

Our most notable accomplishment for 2018 was the development of a formal application to be completed by those requesting funds from the Lackey Endowment. The application provides for a fair process of disbursement of funds according to the wishes of Carolyn Lackey. 

Our biggest challenge in 2018 was twofold; the first being defining the purpose of having an Outreach Team and then beginning the process of how to determine which needs in our community we will try to meet.  

Our greatest hope for 2019 is that we as a Christian community continue to live into our mission statement as well as bettering our focus on meeting the increasing needs in our local community.
Pastoral Care – Catherine Frey
Pastoral Care is dedicated to visiting the home bound, including taking communion to those who are unable to attend church, either temporarily or permanently. Several members attend the monthly Eucharistic service at the Chesapeake. When called upon by the clergy, team members may visit a parishioner who is in the hospital. We also schedule healers for the healing service, which is held the first Sunday of each month. One member sends cards as warranted, which we know are welcomed by those who are unable to get to church. 

Our biggest challenge is enlarging our team and adding new people who feel called to the healing ministry.

Our greatest hope for 2019? Health, wholeness and a willingness on the part of the laity to be our eyes and ears.
Worship – Bob Wharton
All of the people at St. Andrew's who participate in the subareas of the Worship liaison area (the choir, the altar and flower guilds, the acolytes, chalice bearers and lectors, the liturgical dancers, the ushers and sound techs, and the centering prayer participants) are focused on the Advent season right now. This season is particularly meaningful to them because they get to either participate in or directly support the worship services. All of the subareas would welcome additional participants. Training is available. Children who are in the second grade or higher can be acolytes. I have learned so much how the church operates my first year on the vestry.

In 2019 our hope is that we will continue to bring in our youth to help serve as acolytes. Being part of the service as an acolyte had a big impact on me when I was young. I am truly excited for St. Andrew’s 100th anniversary celebration. We have some wonderful services and social gatherings planned throughout 2019!

My greatest concern is that we will continue to come together as a church family during this discernment process.
Our Vestry Nominees
Tonia Graves
Moving to Virginia, it was important our children have a say in choosing our church. The reception we got from St. Andrew’s, especially EYC, made the decision easy. I don’t know what I would do without my St. Andrew’s family and my continued service now that the children have grown up and moved away. With this nomination, I am, as always, blessed and honored to be able to give back to my church home in service to God.

Steve Howell
I would like to be considered for a position on Vestry for a number of reasons. I have been attending St. Andrews for almost ten years now and have benefited personally and spiritually from the St Andrews community. It is now time for me to give back to this wonderful Church. I will bring my time and prior knowledge as a business owner to the Vestry in hopes of contributing positive supportive input in Vestry activities going forward. I’m honored to be considered for this position. 

Betsy Jones
Our family first came to St. Andrews when Cassie and Tucker were attending SAES. The warm and friendly environment made us feel at home right away! I’ve enjoyed helping Jackie and her hospitality crew out over the years; I’m currently one of the greeters and it’s always uplifting to say hello as people are arriving at church. I had been thinking over the past few months that I would like to become more involved at SAEC and am excited about hopefully serving on the vestry.

Allie Wittkamp
St. Andrew’s has been such an important part of my spiritual foundation as the church where I myself was baptized and had my Christian upbringing. My experience is made whole being part of the parish as an adult, where I worship alongside my parents and foster a spiritual foundation for my young daughter. It would be an honor to serve at this time when the St. Andrew’s family discerns its intended purpose and mission in the present-day parish.