While other St. James’sers are at Shrine Mont this Weekend, 
how ’bout the rest of us meet here at, say, 9 or 11:15 on Sunday?
(or 7:45 for you early risers)

We’ll be holding our full worship schedule this Sunday, with services at 7:45, 9 and 11:15 am. John will be preaching, and he’ll be assisted at the 9 am by The Rev. Anne Manson. There will be no Adult Forum or Children’s Chapel but everything else will be the same, including our weekly desire to connect with each other and with our Lord and Savior. We can’t wait to worship with you.
Tuesday, October 25
Tuesday Men's Bible Study - 7:30 am, Valentine Hall
A weekly hour of fellowship, discussion of the bible and good food.
Contact: Patrick Strickler, jpstrickler@verizon.net
     Stephen Spraker, stspraker@gmail.com

Young Adults - 5:45 pm, Michaux House, room 205
We'll for some combination of fellowship, prayer, and Bible or book study.
Contact the Rev. Blake Singer, bsinger@doers.org

Wednesday, October 26
Living Faith Bible Study - 10 am via Zoom
This opportunity for fellowship, study and discussions that help to make
our Christian faith a “living faith” and apply the witness of the Scripture
to our everyday lives.
 Contact: Betsy Trow, betsytrow@gmail.com

Wednesday Noon Holy Eucharist Service
St. James's Chapel

The Celebration: A Feast of Goodwill & Connection - 6pm
Dewey Gottwald Center of the Science Museum of Virginia

Saturday, October 29
Youth Social - 6:15pm
Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion
This week's eChimes features
  • Vestry Nominations
  • First Youth Social
  • All Saints Day necrology
  • Be a Sunday Flower delivery volunteer
  • An evening with David Zahl
  • Holy Land Tour 2023 with Mark Cooper
  • The easy way to order your Name Tag
  • Wednesday Noon Eucharist
  • Prayers of the People
St. James’s is
now accepting nominations
for the 2023 Vestry Class.

Serving on the Vestry is one of the great privileges of church membership--and one o the most important responsibilities.

All confirmed members of St. James’s are eligible to be nominated. And our goal is to have the Vestry continue to represent as wide a range of parishioners as possible, including both new and long-time members. It’s also important to find Vestry members with a range of talents and interests. 
As you think about who you might nominate, consider folks who can bring the imagination, focus and dedication required for this essential position. And, yes, a previous Vestry member can serve again. 
Nominations are due by November 23 to Veni Davidkova, Parish Administrator at vdavidkova@doers.org.

Please do your best to provide the following information about each of your nominees:
  • Name
  • Nominated By
  • Age Range
  • Relevant Work
  • Why you think your nominee would be a good choice
Let's scare up some fun on Saturday, October 29!

Our first Youth Social is on!
We're going to Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion to enjoy rides and frights. Bring a friend!

Saturday, Oct. 29 at 6:15pm
For more information and to
sign up, click here.
All Saints Sunday is two weeks away. If you have a loved one who’s died that you want remembered, please send their name by
Monday, October 31 to Mary Brown at mbrown@doers.org.

Please note, if their name has appeared in the church bulletin during the last 12 months, their name is already on the list – and there’s no need to submit their name.
Sunday Flower Delivery Ministry
St. James’s is bringing back one of the ministries that was a victim of the pandemic–the Sunday Flower Delivery Ministry! This lovely ministry helps St. James’s fulfill its mission by delivering flowers used in the Sunday services to various parishioners who may be sick, homebound, or celebrating special life events.
As a volunteer you can select which Sundays you want to deliver flowers. Four flower arrangements go out each Sunday, so we’re hoping for two volunteers per Sunday. Flowers are ready for delivery any time after 12:30 p.m. and before 5:00 p.m. A card containing the recipient’s name and address will accompany the flowers  
If you are interested in helping us with this thoughtful and joyful ministry, please sign up here. For more information contact Donna Ellis at dellis@doers.org.
An Evening
with author, David Zahl

Join us in Valentine Hall on Wednesday, November 2, from 5:30 to 7 pm for an evening with David Zahl, author of Low Anthropology. We’ll enjoy food and drink, and hear from David. He will also have copies of his book available for purchase that evening. 

David Zahl is founder and director of Mockingbird Ministries. He wrote the critically acclaimed book Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It. He has also written for Christianity Today and the Washington Post. He lives with his wife and three boys in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he also serves on the staff of Christ Episcopal Church.

In his latest book Low Anthropology, he explores how our ideas about human nature influence our expectations in friendship, work, marriage, and politics. We all go through life with an "anthropology"--an idea about what humans are like. A high anthropology--thinking optimistically about human nature--can breed perfectionism, anxiety, burnout, loneliness, and resentment. Meanwhile, Zahl invites readers into a biblically rooted and surprisingly life-giving low anthropology, which fosters hope, deep connection with others, lasting love, vulnerability, compassion, and happiness.
Visit the Holy Land
with The Rev. Mark Cooper

The Rev. Dr. Mark Cooper is once again leading a tour to the Holy Land from February 13 - 23. Past trips, which include Israel, Palestine and Jordan, have been nothing less than life-changing events for the participants. For a day-by-day breakdown of the itinerary, go here.

And go here to register. The deadline to signup is November 30. 
If you have any questions, reach out to Mark at markcooper1966@gmail.com
Or call him at (703)980-0130.
The easy way to
order your Name Tag.

The church will now happily make a permanent name tag for you, complete with a plastic holder that has your choice of a magnet attacher or a pin/clip.

You can always find the link to order your Name Tag under Connect on the nav bar on the home page of doers.org.

And, yes, you can order a new one if you lose your old one. 

Noon Eucharistic Service

We have a Noon Eucharist service on Wednesday in the Chapel. It is a lovely and powerful way to connect with God. We look forward to seeing you.

Here are the names of those we're remembering in our prayers this week.

We do our best to keep this list current, but if you want your name added or removed, please email Mary Brown or call her at 804-355-1779, ext. 313.
For Diocese of Virginia news and information, visit: https://www.thediocese.net/

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