APRIL 2, 2024

Dear Friends and Partners:


April brings with it the promise of renewal and growth, and I find myself reflecting on how grateful I am for the milestones achieved, particularly most recently the collaboration with Faith Evangelical Church on becoming Vet READY and the Billings Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of our Vet READY program. These partnerships mark the beginning of our journey and set a precedent for the meaningful support and integration of veterans within our communities.

Vet READY goes beyond formal acknowledgments. We foster environments where veterans can thrive, transition smoothly, and feel valued for their contributions. Faith Evangelical Church is a shining example of this initiative, quickly establishing and enhancing a welcoming atmosphere that promotes well-being and encourages a culture of inclusivity and respect. Their efforts resonate with our vision of creating spaces where veterans can find a sense of belonging and purpose.

As we continue to engage with more companies and organizations, our path mirrors the rejuvenating essence of spring—out with the old and in with the new, nurturing growth and embracing change. We are committed to extending our gratitude to those who have served and empowering our community to participate actively in their ongoing journey.

However, the question remains: How can you contribute to this cause, especially if you need to make formal commitments? The answer lies in the small everyday actions that signal our support and appreciation. Whether lending an ear, volunteering at veteran support organizations, or simply being mindful of veterans' challenges, every effort counts towards creating a more veteran-friendly world.

Join us as we continue to share our progress, celebrate each new milestone, and work towards making Billings, Montana the first Vet READY community in America. Together, we can make a difference.

Stay Max Fab,


CMSgt, USAF (ret), RN, BSN, MS

Leadership Coach, Consultant & Keynote Motivational Speaker

Military transition expert

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My friend and fellow leader Lonnye Finneman joined me to talk about his career change from Director of Pharmacy to Executive Pastor at Faith Evangelical Church in Billings, MT, and his recent experience working with me and his team to become the first-ever church to receive the Vet READY Certification. He shares how he and Faith E Church serve veterans, why they implemented Vet READY, takeaways from this process, and how it will improve veteran's church-going experience. Tune in to learn why becoming a Vet READY Certified organization is a must for everyone. Listen now!

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