September is Suicide Prevention Month
Need a friend? Be a friend! We support both.
During September, the Department of Defense Suicide Prevention office shines a spotlight on a troubling issue of Veteran suicide. As the above graphic highlights, we need to be there for each other. According to VA statics, Veteran suicides account for an alarming proportion of deaths in western states. We must stop this trend. As our name implies, we are pretty good listeners, and we also connect people, whether you need a friend or you want to be a friend. Like the slogan says, #bethere. For more information on suicide awareness, click here. 
Greg Goettsch
Founder & Executive Director
For Veterans From Veterans
We continue to receive donated mobility devices to pass on to other Veterans and families. Following is a listing of some of those items:
  • Aluminum wheelchair ramp, less than a year old
  • Hospital bed, extra-long and extra-wide
  • Extra-large manual wheelchair
  • Bedside commodes
  • Shower seat
  • Walker
We also have a variety of donated furniture items. Let us know what you need, and we will try and help.
Helping Moment of the Month

A Vietnam Veteran in Greeley, had a dilemma. He couldn’t bring his wife home from a nursing facility until there was a safe way for her to get in and out of the family home in her wheelchair. A ramp wouldn’t work because there wasn’t enough room to place it in either the front or back of the home. A Vietnam Veteran in Loveland wanted to donate his chair lift because he was getting a new one. Qualified Listeners partnered with the Greeley Home Depot to transport the unit from one Veteran to another. Our volunteers then installed the lift. On August 5th, the Veteran's wife returned home.
We are so pleased to give this Veteran and his wife more peace in their lives!
What exactly do we do?
  • We listen
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments
  • Help with mobility equipment
  • Offer vetted resources for Veterans
  • Suits for Veterans and much more

Volunteers for Veterans
Have you wanted to help Veterans but not sure how? Tell us about your skills and interests. Click here to learn more. We're busy and could use your help!
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Dacono, CO 80514
Tel: 720-600-0860