An Urgent Message This Veterans Day
Veterans are richly deserving of not only our thanks, but also earned educational benefits.

Despite this, it appears there is a concerted effort by the present administration in Washington to tie VA benefits to unconstitutional federal policies that violate not only veterans’ religious freedoms, but those of SES as well.
Watch this short video message from Navy Veteran and SES Alum Dr. Frank Turek to learn more,
then continue reading below to hear what SES is doing about it.
This overreach includes such initiatives as the forced hiring of LGBTQ folks by educational institutions who participate in this program or who receive payments from the VA.

As you are probably aware, this hiring practice that the government is trying to enforce would be in total opposition to our doctrinal statement at SES and certainly in direct violation of what we believe to be prohibited by Scripture.
SES has had a long-standing policy to not accept any federal monies
that come with strings attached to it which we believe are not in
keeping with our Christian principles, and SES is experiencing significant gains in our student body. This wonderful increase is because we are remaining steadfast in our stand against culturally popular, but biblically wrong, ideas in the public square.
As a result, if the administration persists in this effort and they are successful in trying to force us into hiring people who do not adhere to our Christian worldview, we will be forced into a position of not being able to receive these benefits on behalf of veterans who have worked so hard to obtain them
SES has never looked to the government for our authority or protections and will not begin to do so now.
With that being said, we want to assure veterans their economic standing at SES will not be jeopardized by this wrongful action.
Even if they are not allowed to apply their hard-earned VA benefits toward their education at SES, our commitment to them and to you is that their cost will remain the same as if they were able to do so.

Therefore, SES has decided to make veterans and the fight for truth and against cancel culture the focus of Giving Tuesday this year.

One hundred percent of the money raised between now
and Giving Tuesday will go toward scholarships for
veteran students at SES and the fight for truth.
Your gift for Giving Tuesday will accomplish two things:

1.)  It will directly support the education of hard-working veterans who desire to train at SES in order to minister to a hurting world, and

2.)  It will keep SES strong as we stay steadfast to biblical truth in a darkening culture.
Please mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday, November 30th when we will show up to support veterans and the fight for truth.
If you are unable to participate in Giving Tuesday, you can contribute today by clicking the button below:
With the Lord’s help, SES will continue to be a lighthouse in the darkness of our culture. You are an integral part of that mission, and we are proud that you have chosen to be a part of the SES family!