The Rev. David Lynch; Rector; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection; Blue Springs, MO
From the Rector . . .                     November 11, 2016
Message from Fr. David

Thoughts and Prayers for this Veteran's Day observance

Veterans Day
Since the world wars of the last century and the continuance of war throughout the world in our current generations, we pause to give thanks to all those who have made significant and ultimate sacrifices for our country.  Regardless of the decisions to go to war, and the protests that have occurred over the years, our men and women deserve our thanks and praise for being first in defense of our nation and our nation's, and the world's peace missions.  Having lost my big brother in the Viet Nam war, and finally getting a chance to meet some of his fellow company soldiers at a recent reunion, I am convinced that the greatest compliment to our vets and current soldiers is to say thank you.  Many of my brother's friends and the companies of soldiers he served with came back to our country under great persecution and the disgrace imposed upon them by a society that misplaced its anger towards them.  Unless we have been there, or have been a family member or friend who has suffered the loss of a loved one to war, or must now live with a soldier who has been there and may suffer from their experience, we have no place to criticize them for their actions, or their decision to protect and serve our nation, and the nations and people who rely upon the USA for support.  We owe our veterans an immense debt of gratitude, support and grace.

POW MIA As your pastor I ask your prayers for our military service men and women who are veterans now, and for those currently serving this country.  If you know a veteran, I encourage you to reach out to them and thank them for their service.  This is our obligation and it helps us to never forget them and especially to never forget those who have never come home.

Please join me in these prayers and prayers that you may offer from your own behalf:

Jesus, you said, "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." Today we pray for those men and women who have, in their military service, sacrificed their time, strength, ambition, health and even their lives on this earth to benefit 'friends,' known and unknown.

Many of our warriors carry scars in their hearts as well as on their bodies. Dark memories haunt their dreams at night. Fears cloud their waking hours. Jesus, you came to give us abundant life by providing a way for us to release our pain to you. On the cross you bore our sorrows and brokenness and when we trust you, we can exchange our wounds for your joy in a future unhindered by fate. Bring this gift now to the veterans of our nation who bear tangible and intangible wounds. Heal them, Jesus.

Bless the families of soldiers who bear these pains vicariously. Give them patience and wisdom and strength to endure, and more than endure to hope in faith for a blessed life. God, not everything that happens in life is good. But you promise to work all things together for good to those who love you and align their lives with your purpose. Create good in the families of veterans who have experienced pain and loss. Do this miracle, we pray.

Fr. David