November 11, 2022

United Way of Pennsylvania

United Way of Pennsylvania, in partnership with United For ALICE, is pleased to share the ALICE in Focus Report on veterans. The ALICE Report, which stands for "Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed," focuses on the realities that 699,207 Pennsylvania veterans face. Of Pennsylvania’s veterans, 6% live in poverty and another 21% live as ALICE, who work hard but struggle to make ends meet. The report highlights more disparities our veterans experience:

  • 35% of Black and 55% of American Indian/Alaska Native veterans lived in households below the ALICE Threshold, compared to 22% of Asian and 26% of both White and Hispanic veterans.
  • More than two-thirds (68%) of veterans in Pennsylvania over the age of 25 had not completed postsecondary education. Of veterans who graduated high school but had not completed post-secondary education, 31% were below the ALICE Threshold.
  • Veterans with disabilities faced higher rates of financial hardship in Pennsylvania: 38% lived in a household with income below the ALICE Threshold, compared to 22% of veterans without disabilities.

For more information on the ALICE in Focus: Veterans series, visit the link below.

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