November 10, 2020

Dear Columbus Academy Families,
In honor of the 495 Columbus Academy alumni who have served our country in the armed forces, as well as the seven current coaches, faculty/staff, facility and security team members (Neal O'Brien and Dan Olexio, United States Army -- Dennis Gilman, Christian Schweers and Matt Mele, United States Air Force -- David Parker and Jon Wagshul, United States Navy) who have also served in the military, the school bell atop Morris Hall will ring 502 times tomorrow morning for Veterans Day.

Please encourage your middle-schoolers and upper-schoolers to dress appropriately for standing outside in the morning during this ceremony. If you have lower-schoolers, it is possible their cohorts will be visited by one of the individuals above to discuss the importance of honoring our veterans while sharing their own experiences.
From our very first graduate (Carey Evans, Class of 1914) to our first alumnae to serve (Mary Beth Ray and Jamie Scheiman, both from our Class of 2006) to a more recent graduate (Vince Allen '18, who is a cadet in Purdue University-Detachment 220), Columbus Academy commends the spirit of service its many alumni, faculty, staff, coaches, parents and friends have chosen to uphold.


Head of School