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It's that time of year again! Spirit of '45 is upon us and we are excited to celebrate the tenacity, patriotism and strength of our Greatest Generation. The second Sunday of each August, we host this remembrance event to celebrate the end of World War II. On August 14, 1945, the Japanese had surrendered and the American people took to the streets to celebrate in throngs. 

Come out to the museum on August 13 to hear the heroic stories from the 100's of WWII veterans who will attend the event this year. Our WWII vets and members of our Greatest Generation will not be with us for much longer, come take the chance to hear the stories of this amazing time in history, from those who lived it. 

We had a great July. We were pleased to host Cygnet Theatre once more for their production of "SUPERS", and then hosted San Diego's Ex-POWs and Pearl Harbor Survivors for a display day. These WWII war heroes shared mementos and stories from their time in internment camps, or from the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. We are always so honored to provide a place for their legacy to thrive. 

And, as always, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all our volunteers for the work they do to ensure our continuing success. 

We hope all our patrons, members and subscribers have a great month, and we'll see you at the museum! 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

What's going on at your museum? (Museum events or museum partners)
  • Aug 1: MOPH Truck Event 
  • Aug 6: No One Left Behind Multimedia Presentation and Talk Forum
  • Aug 13: SPIRIT OF '45!
  • Save the Date: Oct. 28 - Military Women's Luncheon 
  • Save the Date: Nov. 4 - Operation Dress Code
  • Save the Date: Nov. 9 - San Diego County Veteran of the Year Luncheon
  • Save the Date: Nov. 11 - Veterans Day parade
This month 
Spirit of '45! Take a trip back in time! 

The day was August 14, 1945 and people around the world were celebrating the end of World War II. On this day the Japanese surrendered, ending the war. Just like the rest of the world, Americans took to the streets to dance, sing, wave Old Glory high and celebrate a victory against an evil foe. Patriotism was high and our nation was unified. Everyone believed in the importance of the victory and was proud to call themselves an American. The spirit of this era; the resilience, work ethic and attitude, lives on today during our Spirit of '45 Remembrance Event at The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park, each year. Every second Sunday of each August, cities across the world celebrate the day the Japanese surrendered and the end of the war

Sunday, August 13, join members of our Greatest Generation and World War II Veterans as they gather to tell their stories, share their experiences with each other and with members of our younger generations. Gates for this event open at 11 AM and the official ceremony, starting with a display of the colors, will begin at noon. Join moderator Bob Lawrence, museum board member and former Channel 10 News reporter, as he presents some very special speakers, music and more! 

Spirit of '45 will include a live big band, swing dance performers and static historical displays, populated by reenactment specialists. Come be transported back to 1945 this Sunday at The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park! For more information contact the museum at 619-239-2300 or contact Dan DeMarco at 619-569-6230

Don't miss out on our biggest event of the year! 

Last Month
"Mad Scientist" Show shows science can be VERY fun! 

June 11 we tried something new at the museum! We decided to give our younger crowd a mad-science EXPERIENCE! Mad Science provides interactive learning camps, shows and expos that shows kids science is FUN! With the kids out of school for the summer, we thought this would be a great activity for kids to have some summer fun, but LEARN at the same time! Big thanks to the folks who came out and showed everyone a thing or two about how SCIENCE can be FUN! 

To find out more about what Mad Science is about...
VMBP hosts next guest in Health Education Series, "Got Health or Got Hype?" 
We were very pleased to host Dr. Paul Stricker, MD, on July 13, 6:30 PM, for "Got Health or Go t Hype?" Sticker is a board-certified in sports medicine and pediatrics. He has been a pediatrician for the Olympic Games and is the former president of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. He's the author of the book, Sports Success Rx-Your Child's Prescription for the Best Experience. The museum's Health Education Series has had great success and we enc our age everyone to come and learn more during these Juice-Plus-sponsored events. Each month a new presenter shares what health and wellness looks like from their foxhole. 

In today's world of health and medicine, it's hard to understand what's ac tually healthy and what's just hype. Well-versed in pediatrics, Sticker provided attendees with some helpful hints on how to make the best health choices for you AND your whole family. 
For more information on upcoming Health Education Series' events, check the events section of The Veterans Museum website or email  

Cygnet Theatre partners with Veterans Museum for SUPERS a play about superheroes for kids

We were pleased to once again partner with Cygnet Theatre to present a Cygnet Children's production, SUPERS. This fun play by Liz Silverman explored the experiences of three kids coping with growing up while their superhero parents are off saving the world. Although the play was very fun and super funny, there was a valuable lesson of acceptance and inclusion in the end. Big thanks to Silverman for taking the time to talk to audiences about the play and a big thanks to Cygnet Theatre and their Education and Outreach Director, Tim West, for bringing this fantastic play to veterans across San Diego. Their veteran initiative, Cygnet Serves, seeks to share the creativity, fun and excitement of theatre with those who have served our nation.

San Diego's Ex-POWs and Pearl Harbor Survivors Share Experiences and Mementos During Display Day 

The museum was honored to once  again host her oes from World War II during our Ex-POWs and Pearl Harbor Survivors  Display   Day on July 29. Survivors from the a ttacks on Pearl Harbor and actual Prisoners of  War  from  WWII shared m emorabilia from th eir exper iences. 

Mementos included pieces of blown apart s hips kept from  the  Pearl Harbor attacks, photos from Japanese and Nazi internment camps and war medals. Survivors told their stories to visitors young and old, and even took time to have their stories recorded on camera. 

The members of our WWII generation are slowly fading, therefore events like this are important. There will come a day when our World War II generation will be completely gone, and opportunities like this will no longer exist. We are deeply honored to host these heroes at our museum and will offer opportunities such as this for as long as these brave souls are around. Thank you to all who came out and and big thanks to all the Ex-POWs and Pearl Harbor Survivors who gathered to share your story with our community. 

Museum News!
Veterans Museum takes on CaPROMISE interns in new local partnership 
We at the museum are incredibly excited about our new partnership with CaPROMISE, who provide school age and recently graduated high school students with internships to build a resume and aquire job experience. The California Department of Rehabilitation (CDOR) in partnership with several other State Departments, 18 local educational agencies (LEAs) and San Diego State University's Interwork Institute (SDSU-II) is pleased to propose one such alternate system of support.

The museum hopes to continue to bring interns from  CaPROMISE into our fray, bridging the gap between the legacy and history of our nation's heroes and younger generations.  Interns are put to a number of tasks, such as research and writing,  helping to organize archives, or set up for weekly military events.

"The coolest part is just getting to have a job," said Damon Woods (pictured in the blue shirt, photo to the left). "I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of CaPROMISE, and its good to get experience."

To find out more about CaPROMISE, you can visit their website HERE!
Become a Part of Our Growing Arts Program! Open to the Public! FREE! INSPIRING! 
*SPECIAL NOTE* This month all Arts for All Activities are cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see everyone back out at the museum in September, ready to find their creative calling! 

Call for Interns & Volunteers!
  Assistant Arts Director,  Ambassadors (Make-A-Card for VA Hospital Patients Program )
Artists in Residence (Literary, Performance and Visual),  Promotion,  Public Relations
AA "Tony the Vet" LoBue,  Arts Director
Contact: (cell) 619-806-2075 or via email at:
It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing! Join Swing Dancing San Diego for a little shake and shimmy!   
Join Joel Plys with Swing Dancing San Diego for swing dancing classes at the museum! Looking to learn a new step or two, or just get up the courage to learn the first step, Plys works with all levels. No matter the level, come on in and just have some fun! 
The schedule for this month is as follows:
Tuesday Classes
6:30pm - 1920s Charleston
7:30pm - Lindy Hop

Friday, Aug 11 - Frim Fram Friday DJ Dance

There is a nominal fee per class. To learn more CLICK HERE!

Recent Donations to the Museum
July 2017 

American Ex-Prisoners of War donated a video DVD recording of their member's stories of POWs.
Anonymous donated a collection of assorted enlisted Navy uniforms including: white hats, working shirts, Service Dress Blues and Working Blues.
Jerald Borgie of San Diego donated artifacts of George Vargo (WWII) and Steve Vargo (1970s) including photos, posters, newspaper clippings, and a ships plaque for the USS Sacramento (AOE-1)
Virginia Borneman of Santee donated artifacts of EM3/c Gordon L. Borneman including a hand stitched tapestry of the WWII cruise of the USS Barnwell (APA-132), photos, documents and souvenirs.
David Brennan of San Diego donated three books that were checked out of the USS Arizona ship's library before she was sunk on December 7, 1941.
David Cox of San Diego donated 11 military history books to our Library.
Arnold Friedman of San Diego donated a collection of British WWII Homefront documents, coupons, and ephemera reflecting the day to day live of the British people.
Paul Hasenfus of San Diego donated a signed print of the Japanese American 442nd Combat Team liberating Dachau by Stan Stokes.

Japanese American Soldiers from the 442nd Regimental Combat Team liberate Dachau prison camp in 1945.  Print is by Stan Stokes.
Janis Hynd of San Diego donated an acrylic painting and one water color painting by Phil Janney of Frederick J. Kennie's B-17 being shot down over Germany, three aviation prints, 72 books and three uniforms from Frederick J. Kennie, Army Air Corps and USAF.
Water color by Phil Janney of Frederick Kennie's B-17 being shot down over Germany.  Painting by Phil Janney, "Raid on Munster", showing Kennie's B-17 in the lead elements of the  334th Bomb Squadron, 95th Bomb Group, and the FW-190 flown by Gerd Wiegand who shot his plane down. 
Ann Kophcz of San Diego donated a collection of her husband's military artifacts from the USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618) including framed prints of the USS Thomas Jefferson, a piece cut from the pressure hull, and two sets of Enlisted Service Dress Blues with Thomas Jefferson shoulder patches.  And artifacts from the USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) including a Hedgehog practice bomb, a cased model of the FFG-60 USS Rodney M. Davis, a lava rock and ship's pennant gathered during the Mount Pinatubo eruption and evacuation in the Philippines, and an antique wood and brass ship's binnacle and a pre-WWII cocked hat and epaulet set

A fist sized lava rock from the Mount Pinatubo eruption picked up by CDR A. Kophcz, CO, USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) during their evacuation of USAF & USN personnel from Clark AFB and Subic/Cubi Point, Philippines  in June 1991.
3"x 4" x4" piece cut from the steel alloy pressure hull of the USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618) and presented to then Missile Technician A. Kophcz, a crewmember in 1963.  It weighs almost 15 lbs. 

Model of USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) hand made in the Philippines and presented to CDR A. Kophcz, USN, by the crew of  the Davis on the occasion of his Change of Command. 
John Lohmuller of San Diego donated two books, and two CDs, and 10 cassettes of music and radio theater from the 30s and 40s.
Gary Madison of Escondido donated two copies of his father's Boot Camp Company photo and his Hospital Corps School Class photo from Great Lakes in WWII.
Wes Schermane of El Cajon donated six West Point year books and a copy of West Point songs to the Library.
Joyce Stanaway of Santee donated a metal ammo box and letters and postcards from WWII servicemen.
Joan Stinson of Petaluma, CA donated a set of enlisted Navy 1950 era Service Dress and Working uniforms.
John Van Ells of San Diego donated a Japanese Photographer's photograph of General Douglas MacArthur landing at Atsugi Air Base on August 30, 1945.
William and Terry Wardwell of El Cajon donated artifacts from his father, William Earl Wardwell who served with the army in the pacific in WWII, including a Japanese Arisaka type 38 rifle, a Nambu pistol, and a Type 99 sniper scope, a Japanese leather ammo pouch, Scope case and three knives with wooden sheaths from south pacific islanders.
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