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We hope everyone had a great September! This past month we were pleased to host a very special 9/11 exhibit, which was made from actual pieces from Ground Zero.  It's hard to imagine that 16 years have passed since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. We thank everyone who came out to visit the exhibit and honor those affected by 9/11. 

The last weekend of the month the museum did something a little different. We introduced our first Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper,  during "Jazz and Juice", an amazing jazz concert by "Musa Kaleem and the Vibrational Tones". We had a full house and it was great to hear the sounds of jazz filling our old museum. 

We've got a full calendar this month and we hope to see our patrons and members out to enjoy the events we've got going. We have a little something for everyone. October 11 come learn the story of the revamped Coast Cutter, Courier, which served as a broadcasting vessel to Soviets during the Cold War. For our yoga folks out there, we've got "Yoga Brunch at the Museum" which includes a full vegan meal after the session. 

Our biggest announcement for the month is that we have extended the deadline for submission of Veteran of the Year nominations. It's not too late to nominate a deserving vet for this year's VOY! Read more about the deadline extension below. Each year it's so hard to pick just one veteran who stands unquestionable above the rest. Our veteran community is full of those who have taken their service after service to the next level. Make the most of this extension and get in your nominations now!  

We've been proud to work with the folks at KPBS for another year of the GI Film Festival, which will kick off October 18. We've also got our big pink Operation Dress Code box by the door, so for those of you wanting to donate new and gently used female business attire to women veterans, you can donate during regular museum hours. 

And, as always, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all our volunteers and staff for the work they do to ensure our continuing success. 

We are ready for the cooler weather and ready for a great October! We hope all our patrons, members and subscribers have a great month and we'll see you at the museum! 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

What's going on at your museum? (Museum events or museum partners)
  • Oct. 14 - Yoga at the Museum: Yoga and Vegan Brunch
  • Oct 16 - Veteran of the Year Nominations Close 
  • Oct. 18-22 - GI Film Festival San Diego
  • Oct. 28 - Military Women's Luncheon 
  • Save the Date: Nov. 4 - Operation Dress Code
  • Save the Date: Nov. 9 - San Diego County Veteran of the Year Luncheon
  • Save the Date: Nov. 11 - Veterans Day parade
This Month

Deadline extended to get your Veteran of the Year nominations in!

The deadline has been extended to  close of business on Monday, Oct. 16. Please submit your nominations to be considered for this year's judging.  If you know a deserving military veteran who continues to serve after service, or a non-profit or for-profit who is serving the military community then you should recognize them for their contributions to San Diego County. 

To make the submissions easier, we went to an all-digital format his year, via our new San Diego Veteran of the Year website. If you are having trouble with your submission, please do not hesitate to contact the museum with any questions or concerns. Keep in mind that the museum is closed on Monday's.

Thank you for your continued support of this program by submitting nominations, attending the luncheon and being a sponsor. Without the  San Diego community 's support, the Veterans Museum wouldn't be able to provide our services to our military community. Without YOU we could not keep the important legacy of our nation's military alive. Thank you for helping us keep our wonderful old doors open! 

To submit a nomination, go to:
To purchase a ticket or table for the Nov. 9 recognition luncheon, go to:

USCGC Courier/VOA Association Hosts Exhibit Reception with Veterans Museum - Oct. 11

"This vessel will not be armed with gas, or with any instruments of destruction. But it will be a valiant fighter in the cause for freedom. It will carry a precious cargo--and that cargo is TRUTH. This ship is named the Courier. It is well named, for it will be carrying a message. It will be carrying a message of hope and friendship to all those who are oppressed by tyranny..."
--President Harry S. Truman, 1952

Join us at the museum on Oct. 11 at 6-9 PM for a special reception with USCGC Courier/VOA Association. This event will celebrate the official opening of the USCGC Courier/VOA Exhibit.   In 1952, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter,  C ourier, began broadcasting the Voice of America radio program to you tries behind the Iron Curtain from it's home port in Rhodes, Greece. This giant AM Broadcast Band station was three times more powerful than any land-based equivalent in the U.S. and upheld the humanitarian mission of the Coast Guard. Come out to the museum Wednesday evening to learn more about the dynamic role this vessel played in the Cold War.

Light refreshments will be served. This event is free to the public. Please RSVP at info@veteranmuseum.or. This event is free to the public, although the museum will gratefully accept any and all donations. 

Join Gala Marquez for "Yoga Brunch at the Museum"
Includes Vegan Brunch! Oct. 14

Do you want to try yoga but not sure you're enlightened enough? That is NO problem! Join yoga instructor Gala Marquez-Gordon and her team as she helps attendees approach yoga in a realistic and "down to earth" way. Yoga Brunch at the Museum begins at 9:30 AM October 14. The event includes a full yoga session, appropriate for all skills levels, a deliciously catered vegan lunch which includes fresh-brewed kombucha! 

Currently, military and VA health facilities are integrating classes in yoga, mindfulness and meditation into the mainstream of active duty and veteran healthcare. Many veterans are now able to treat PTSD symptoms such as hyper-vigilance and anxiety, through the use of calming and holistic practices such as yoga.

Gala will conduct the event in the museum's ethereal Legacy Hall, formerly a religious chapel. "As soon as I saw this building I knew I wanted to do an event here," she said. "I'd like the yoga community to know about this wonderful venue that we have in Balboa Park."

The main goal for Gala is to introduce attendees to a practice which may benefit them in many ways. She
 provides a very realistic approach to yoga, and hopes to provide new ideas on health and healing to our veteran community.

"I hope to provide them with new tools to help them on their journey!," said Gala. 

She also hopes to honor the legacy of her family's military service during this event. Her great uncle, Tech Sergeant Jack Kushner, was a decorated war veteran who served in World War II. He flew many dangerous missions during WWII as a B-17 gunner. After his time in service he began the "Tech Sergeant Jack Kushner Foundation" to raise funds to help his fellow brothers in arms. 

I think we have to be extra thankful for all the veterans that go out and defend our land," said Gala. " So this is my little way of saying thank you." 

Join Gala on Saturday for this fun event! You can purchase tickets here: 

Last Month
9/11 Exhibit Shares Sorrow, Strength of a Nation

September 11, 2017 marked the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. For this anniversary the museum featured a special 9/11 art exhibit made from actual pieces of Ground Zero. This exhibit was donated by Mitch Mendler, E.M.T Fire Fighter/Paramedic and president of "World Memorial".

The terror, sorrow and strength of our nation in the face of the 9/11 attacks will be forever burned into our minds. We watched in horror as the scenes of the attacks unfolded on our TV screens. We watched the citizens of New York City shoulder the worst of the attacks and reel as their city tried to recover from loosing thousands of innocent people. We thank Mendler for his donation and everyone who came out to visit the exhibit honoring those affected by 9/11. We Will Never Forget. 

"Jazz and Juice" debuts museum's new Poet Laureate 
-Sept 30

We were proud to debut our official Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith
Cooper, during "Jazz and Juice" on September 30. Cooper performed several poems alongside amazing jazz band, "Musa Kaleem and the Vibrational Tones". The sounds of improvisational jazz; saxophone, clarinet and trombone soulfully mixed with guitar and piano to create a very special atmosphere that made you want to really shimmy your shoulders! 

For those who wanted to get a bigger taste of Cooper's work, there were copies of her poetry book, "The Gumbo Pot Poems", which she wrote with friends Jaime V. Jones and Judy Sundayo. The book, an Indie Excellence Book Awards finalist, a Pinnacle Book Award recipient and an International Book Awards Finalist, is a wonderful compilation of warmth, nourishment and prose for heart, the soul...and the stomach.  Filled with poetry by the GOLDEN BROWN FAIRY GODMOTHER (Cooper's nickname) and her friends, it's also filled with a healthy helping of GUMBO recipes! 

A big thanks to all those who came out to the museum to enjoy this special evening and an even bigger thanks to Alyce Smith Cooper and Musa Kaleem and the Vibrational Tones. Keep an eye out for more jazz and poetry events in the future, as our Poet Laureate brings a new voice to our old museum! 

Museum News!
Operation Dress Code has launched! Donations accepted at the Veterans Museum NOW until  Oct. 23

Back for a third year, Operation Dress Code is partnering with Courage to Call to bring the Dress Code Boutique to San Diego. ODC is sponsored by California Department of Women Veterans Affairs and it kicked off October 4 with a press conference. The clothing drive is designed to provide military women with the professional clothing they need to successfully transition to civilian careers. 

Pictured L-R: Lindsey Sin from CALVET, RanDee McLain Operation Dress Code Manager, Katherine Faulconer First Lady of San Diego, Assembly member Todd Gloria 78th District, Laura Otis-Mills from Courage to Call, Holly Shaffner from SDSU, Laura Torres.

Look for the pink Operation Dress Code clothing bins stationed at businesses and throughout the San Diego area, where supporters can donate new or gently used professional clothing, shoes,  jewelry, accessories and handbags. We have one in the Veterans Museum, so stop by and drop off your business attire here! 

Operation Dress Code is a free event for women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces and for women who are currently serving. The Dress Code Boutique Day is designed to help women transition to new careers by providing them with the professional clothing needed for civilian life.

For more information or to RSVP  go have a personal shopping experience, go to: 
GI Film Fest San Diego is back - Oct. 18 to Oct. 22 Tickets on sale now!

Now in its third year, the GI Film Festival San Diego will once again bring the untold stories of America's military to life through film. The much-anticipated five-day military film festival features eight West Coast premieres, along with several screenings, filmmaker appearances, and panel discussions from Wednesday, Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017 at various San Diego County venues. 

The GI Film Festival San Diego is one of only a few film festivals in the entire United States to exclusively feature stories for, by, and about military service members and veterans. All festival events will be open to the public with special discounted opportunities for active duty personnel and veterans.

For more information about the schedule, ticket purchase or all-access passes, go to: GIFFSD
Become a Part of Our Growing Arts Program! Open to the Public! FREE! INSPIRING! 
3-5PM OPEN FORUM: Arts Programs & Fundraising

Main Hall FREE! PUBLIC! 
Craft Kits, Make-A-Card for VA Patients, Puppetry, Storytelling & more!!


Intro to Screenwriting: 6-Week Workshop
6:30-8:30 PM - Tuesdays
24 October - 28 November
Lower Level/Library (West side entrance off driveway)
$5 fee per session (waived when you help out with the workshop)
Bring laptop computer and/or pen, pencil and paper.
Five students max. You must qualify for enrollment.
Contact: Darryl Vickers
Artist in Residence: Filmmaker


Guitar Open Mic & Family Variety Show!
7-9pm Sat 4 Nov
Main Hall
Free! Public! Food and drink available! 
Donations gratefully accepted! 
GUITARISTS! All skill levels! Original material only! Sign-up 6:30-7 PM!
Contact: Louis Lacayo



Complimentary dance, music, poetry and theater tickets are available from time to time.
Join my sign-up list now.

AA "Tony the Vet" LoBue
Arts Director
Cell: 619-806-2075

Alyce Smith Cooper,VMBP Poet Laureate
Ladies and Gentlemen, we'd like to welcome you to the Poet's Corner. Each month we'll feature exclusive poetry  from our Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper, but will also feature guest poets and post information about upcoming poetry events. This month's poem is "Family Military", by Alyce Smith Cooper. 

Family Military 

Fascinating when sun touches human skin it is warmed no matter the color
Fascinating when rain falls all beneath are washed with the wet fall
Fascinating when sorrow approaches each heart touched aches
Fascinating when love enters every spirit lifts
Fascinating when Joy abounds every head springs erect shoulders squared
Fascinating when a bugle sounds 
ears mind body alerted every thing comes into focus
Fascinating when the drum beats the throbbing hearts align
recognizing as source 
The vibrating voice of GOD
Fascinating when danger threatens our peace our Military Family armed 
In flight, on foot, sailing or submerged
Alerted United comes from all four directions 
Responding to our unified outcry
Bulging eyes gaping mouths demand 
A loving  health filled world where we can live together as one people
Fascinating how forceful actions can initiate peace
When conscious spirits soar in per suit of DIVINE SOURCE of UNITY
One Nation Ubiquitous under GOD.
@Alyce Smith Cooper 
San Diego, CA

Stories from the Archives:

Everette M. Rogers, Pharmacist

LTJG Evertte M. Rogers, USNR, c. 1946
to Navy Hospital Corpsman, to Navy Line Officer, to Navy Physician, to La Jolla California.

Everette McClure Rogers, a native of Nebraska graduated from the University of West Virginia with a B.S. in Pharmacology in 1941. He enlisted in the Navy in April 1942, attended boot camp at NTC Great Lakes, IL and became a Hospital Corpsman.  He served ashore and aboard the Escort Carrier USS Breton (CVE-23) making Pharmacist Mate 1/c.  The Breton was built by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation in just 21 days, that was from Keel to Launch!  Over 3,000,000 man-hours got it done by the 28,000 ship yard at a cost of $8-9 Million dollars.  PhMd3/c Rogers was a plank owner (one of her initial crew members).  The ship operated with the Carrier Transport Squadron,  Pacific Fleet . Her sailings carried her throughout the Pacific supplying men, materiel, and aircraft to units of the fleet engaged in making strikes on the enemy from 1943 to April 1944. 

In June 1944 he was selected for officer training, received a commission as an Ensign and went to Naval Training Station,Plattsburg, NY, for training as a Line Officer.  

PhM2/c Everette Rogers, c. 1943
Ens. Everette Rogers, c. 1944

Upon graduation, he received orders to t he 7th Amphibious Force and traveled to the Pacif ic Theater via ship transport to New Guinea, then on to Hollandia where he received three days of indoctrination and local training, then was assigned to LCI(G)68 and made his way to join her at Leyte.  10 minutes after he was aboard they were attacked by the Japanese planes, 

LCI(G)68 somewhere in the pacific, LTJG Rogers is on the bridge, under the arrow., c. 1944-45.
including Kamikazes, which hit two LSTs near by.  They were under repeated attacks in November and December  and shot down several planes.

An LCI(G) is 159' long, 23' wide and displaces 395 fully loaded.  His was a gun ship version and had three 40 mm Bobors cannons, six .50-caliber machine guns, and ten Mk.7 rocket launchers was  and took part in the invasions of Morotai, Leyete, Mindoro, Borneo, Lyngyen, New Georga, and Okinawa.  Survived two severe typhoons w hile off Okinawa that sank numerous ships and pushed over 63 ships lost or beached.  A sister ship, LCI(G)67 ended up over 120 feet above the high water mark.   They also did extensive mine sweeping in the Philippines, Okinawa and China seas before returning to San Diego in 1946. Now a LTJG, he was 

The future Mrs. Rogers is the  Homecoming Queen, Donna Stevenson in this undated newspaper clipping.

separated on March 19, 1946 and entered Medical School at University of Nebraska, graduating with his M.D. degree in 1950.  He transferred from the Line into the Navy Medical Corps at the same rank of LTJG.  He completed one year at Great Lakes Naval Hospital, and completed three more years in the reserves before he was honorably discharged.  He returned to San Diego and opened his medical practice at La Jolla's Scripps Memorial Hospital in 1952.  He remained active in his practice until he passed away in 1998.
His military decorations include the American Theater Campaign Medal, The Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Medal (4 Stars), WWII Victory Medal, China Service Medal, and the Philippine Liberation Medal (2 Stars).  He married his Nebraska sweetheart, Donna Stevenson who was the Chillicothe Business College home-coming Queen and is pictured standing in this undated newspaper clipping from Omaha Nebraska.

Recent Donations to the Museum
September 2017 

Jaqueline Baker of Poway donated a large collection of books to the museum's research library  from her father, Jack Reinhart

Jean Baber of Yuma AZ donated documents, photos and a uniform of her father, Al Baber, who served in the Army from 1944 to 1946 with the 96th Infantry Division (The Deadeyes) and fought in the Philippines and Okinawa.  See Don Decker's Donation of the book Love Company below.

Al Baber with wife Dorothy, and children Larry and Jean, c. 1942

V-mail letter from Al while training in Hawaii, he comments on how good the pineapples are compared to San Diego, c. July-Sept 1944.

John Dekhane of Monaco (Europe) donated three WWII dog tags for Andrew W. Proctor, Army Air Corps, with his Next of Kin listed as living at: 4401 Highland Avenue, San Diego, Cal.  These dog tags were found and purchased in an antique shop in Normandy France.  John Dekhane forwarded them to our museum and they are now on display in our WWII exhibit case in the mail gallery. 


Don Dencker of Sun Prairie WI donated his book: Love Company, Infantry Combat Against the Japanese World War II.  Mr. Dencker served in Company L, 382nd Infantry Rgmt., 96th Inf. Division in the Philippine and Okinawa campaigns.  He donated his book to our library.

Gail Greer of San Diego donated a Directory of the Puget Sound Navy Yard dated 1 April 1945.  It lists all the Officers and Leading Personnel, and includes their name and rank, DOR, Yard Telephone Number, Duty, Months on Board, Home Address and Home Telephone Number.

John Hoban of San Diego
donated 12 books on military history to the museum's research library.

Rose Kallansrud of El Cajon donated a collection of artifacts from Albert Nolan, US Army, WWII, who served with the 397th Infantry Regiment, 100 Infantry Division, including an oil painting of Pvt. Albert Nolan in uniform by C. Leblanc dated 1947; a framed collection of Medal Certificates with medals, ribbons and badges, two photo albums of photographs, newspaper clippings and Western Union Telegrams; books, photos of Albert, and magazines.

Pvt. Albert Nolan, 397th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division, painted in 1947 by artist C. Leblanc.

Kathy Rea of Pacific Beach donated the artifacts of Herbert C. Eads, USN, WWII, including a painting of Herbert C. Eads in uniform WWII by Toni Peterson, a set of enlisted working blue uniform with Aviation Machinist Mate 3/c rating, a set of enlisted Service Dress Blue uniform with AMM3/c rating, and an enlisted Working White Jumper with AMM3/c rating.

Robert Romer of San Diego donated a model of the USAF A-10 Warthog that is now on display in our Persian Gulf War case.

Jim Schuck of Cardif-by-the-Sea donated the WWII Mission Diary of Staff Sergeant Harold V. Lehman's  35 Missions as a Tail gunner with the 379th Bomb Group in Europe, and three photos of Sergeant Lehman and two of his bomb crews.

A dapper Harry V. Lehman c. 1943

Sgt Harry Lehman (standing), tail gunner on a B-17 named "Four Of A Kind" in England, c. 1944
Steve Schweitzer of San Diego donated a first day of issue envelope and stamp for the USCG

Andre Sobocinski, Historian of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, donated a DVD set of Navy Medicine at War with 6 DVDs highlighting Navy Medicine's role in WWII.
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Honor Flight San Diego arrived with a heroes welcome Oct. 1

Big thank you to all those Veterans Museum supporters who came out to welcome home the veterans from their Tour of Honor! More than 800 people waved American flags, brought signs and chanted, U-S-A! U-S-A! as the veterans came down the escalator and elevator. On this trip, there were 79 veterans (78 WWII and 1 Korea era), 5 women who served in WWII, 4 POW's, Pearl Harbor Survivors, Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipients, 3 veterans over 100 years old, twin brothers, best friends and a 102 year-old veteran who was one of the first Black Chief's in the Navy.  

You gave them the homecoming they didn't get in the 1940's and Honor Flight San Diego THANKS YOU!  

Their next flight will be in May 2018 and they will be looking for more WWII veterans. To learn more about Honor Flight San Diego, get on their newsletter distribution or to submit a veteran application, go to:  HFSD

The 28th Annual Military Women's Luncheon at MCAS Miramar - Oct 28

Join more than 150 women who served in every era from WWII to today's active duty for camaraderie, lunch and an interesting keynote speaker during the 28th Annual Military Women's Luncheon on Oct 28. 

Each year this event helps to kick off Veterans Day Week in San Diego. This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Karen Walker, a well-known and decorated Marine Corps officer with a distinguished military career, which includes three combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is also the co-author of, "Leading By My Ponytail".

Check-in social hour begins at 11 AM, lunch and program at Noon.  Cost is $25/person and deadline to RSVP is Monday, October 23, 2017.
To purchase tickets go to: Women's Military Luncheon
GRID Alternatives is looking for volunteers to help install solar panels for military families - Nov.  9

GRID Alternatives San Diego is looking for 10 - 12 veterans or active duty members who can volunteer to install solar panels for local military family at their special veterans day install on  Thursday, November 9

They provide all the materials and guide you on installation, so you don't have to have any experience on solar. Please sign up by  October 20 . For questions and sign-up, contact Fumiko at

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