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Zoe at Wolf Haven today

Zoe at Wolf Haven today
(Julie Lawrence photo)

They had no choice

Angel at Wolf Haven today._Julie Lawrence photo_
Angel at Wolf Haven today. (Julie Lawrence photo)
Angel and Zoe

Angel and Zoe came from the same backyard breeder, who was about to shoot them in the front yard. When they arrived at Wolf Haven, both were severely malnourished and underweight. This terrible yet all-too-common situation is one where wild animals - who should never have been bred for life as a pet - were paying the price for their owner's inability to care for them.

Zoe _8-months_ with malamute father._photo taken at time of rescue_
Zoe, 8-months, with malamute father.
(photo taken at time of rescue)
Wildlife pet trade

People are shocked to learn that many of our rescued wolves are the direct result of the animal trade and private ownership. We often rescue animals directly from the human "owner", but sometimes they arrive straight from the breeder (when they are no longer seen as profitable). Once the wolves or wolf dogs reach sexual maturity, often their intelligence, activity level and predatory behavior quickly overwhelms their owners. They are then condemned to a kennel or life on the end of a chain or euthanasia. 

Zoe at Wolf Haven today
Zoe now.
(Julie Lawrence photo)
And so it continues

With regular meals and medical care, Angel and Zoe have slowly gained weight and now share their enclosures with companion animals. While we are happy that they have found a lifetime sanctuary here, Wolf Haven wants to break the vicious cycle of the animal trade. During sanctuary visits, educational programs and outreach, we stress that wolves and wolfdogs do not make good pets. Your gift helps us continue to rescue and provide quality care for these animals, and also helps fund our expansion of this message.
Please help Wolf Haven help those in captivity AND reach as many people as possible with the message that WOLVES AND WOLFDOGS ARE NOT PETS. We are grateful that you care.

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