Victor Business Connection Newsletter
4th Edition May/June 2018
This newsletter will include information about upcoming events and meetings. 
Plus any promotional materials we receive from local Victor Businesses
that they would like to share!

The Mission of Victor Business Connection
Provide input and engagement on proposed events, promotions and activities; act as agents circulating information resulting in successfully implementing and achieving the overarching goal of promoting Victor to both internal and external audiences.
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Mark your calendar!

Next Meeting is Tuesday, August 7th, 5:30pm

Send any information you would like to be included in this newsletter to Lisa Hubler at
by the 1st of every month!
Meet your Victor Business Connection Team Leaders!
The Business Connection consists of over 170 local businesses! We want to ensure that you are receiving up to date information as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Your team leaders are going to work with us to ensure that you know what we are working on here in Victor!

Their Roles and Responsibilities are listed below:

  1. Responsible for supplying your team as well as the community with the information regarding the event or promotions of the event!
  2. Responsible for handing out promotional materials to all businesses assigned to your team!
  3. Must have an in depth knowledge of the information being promoted in order to refer team members to where their inquiries can be answered.
  4. Be enthusiastic about the event or promotion!
  5. Promote increase visibility of events and promotions!
  6. Help to identify target audiences and help create strategies to effectively engage them, by relaying feedback from your team members!
  7. Build relationships with your team members to help promote Victor!
  8. Work closely with Victor Business Connection to develop and strengthen relationships between local businesses and Victor Business Connection!

We are grateful to our seven local business owners have agreed to be our Team Leaders!
Chris Caruana - The Caruana Group

Jennifer Demo - JD Financials

Amy DiPrima - Prima Pop

Julie Hobart - Healing Hands

Samantha Johnson - CNB

Melinda Kaufman - Soporifique

Elizabeth Trautman - Farmers

At our last team leader meeting we reviewed how the Spring Fling wine walk went for the team leaders in terms of getting posters and information out to their team members. We will be looking for ways to improve the communication process over the next few months!

If you haven't met your team leader yet click on the link below to see a list of who is your assigned team leader!

Chris Caruana
Samantha Johnson
Melinda Kaufman
Be sure to check out our local Farmer's Market
every Wednesday in the Village Hall Parking Lot,
right next to the Village Hall!
They have live Music and great local farm vendors!
The Caruana Group located here in Victor
can help your business achieve success!

They will be offering a free seminar on Social Media, Tuesday, July 10th at 5:30 click on the link below to register!

Spooktacular Victor
will be October 26th and 27th!
Subcommittee will start meeting in July to begin planning!
I am interested in being on the subcommittee for Spooktacular Victor
Some Businesses are interested in trying to stay open on Wednesday's until 6:00 pm, but feel it would be most beneficial if other businesses stay open as well!
I would be interested in staying open until 6:00pm on Wednesday?
Taste of Victor March 2018 
The reward winner was Joe Rapchick!
Thanks to all the restaurants that participated!