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Dialogue with a purpose.


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APRIL 27, 2019
Whiskey Creek Farm

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Collaborating Neighbors. The Rev. Dr. Toney Parks and Victoria Chance. Watch for more information about their work and initiatives coming soon!
Collaborating friends.
We welcome our newest Board of Directors Member Stephanie Rees

Stephanie is the Instructional Coach at Travelers Rest High School and a former Berea High School English teacher. She is currently working on a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at Mercer University. Her love of people and the many cultures found in the Upstate inspired her to become a board member of My Neighbor's Voice. She grew up just outside of Detroit, MI. She loves the natural beauty and outdoor opportunities in the Greenville area which she often shares with her favorite canine and wacky companion, Rosie. Stepanie is also a member of Emmanuel Bible Church in Mauldin, SC.

We welcome Stephanie's support and creative energies.
MNV Recipes and Menu Suggestions
Mix and Match!
Vegetable and Tuscan Bean Soups
Menus and Recipes
Sharing delicious food is a vital part of a My Neighbor's Voice experience. Keeping it simple is comforting to everyone, especially our amazing hosts and hostesses. Below are some of the recipes and menus we've served or shared. Because we often are serving folks with varied food restrictions, we always offer a vegetarian option, and sometimes a completely vegetarian meal. We do our best to determine any food restrictions of our participants in advance. We have found the soup/pasta-bread-fruit or salad-cheese-chocolate menu pretty reliable with water, tea, and coffee.

On table: Bread or Cornbread
Dried Apricots or Dates
Assorted Nuts
Cubed Cheese
Shortbread Cookies

K evin Reese's Chili and

Lyndon Vestal's menu:
Penne Pasta
Simple Tomato Sauce
Spinach Salad with mandarin oranges and lemon vinaigrette
On table: grated cheese, small bowl of broken strips of crispy bacon, bread and butter
Coconut Macaroons and chocolate

Kale Salad (bagged with poppy seed dressing)
seasonal fruit like sliced oranges and grapefruit

Tomato/Mozzarella salad with olives
Bread and Butter
assorted chocolates
READY to HOST My Neighbor's Voice?
Hosting is a wonderful way to support the mission of My Neighbor's Voice:
to create safer, stronger, more welcoming communities for everyone. It's fun and memorable!
As a host, you will be welcoming 8-10 guests into your home to share ideas, stories, and a simple meal together. You will work with a certified MNV moderator to provide a safe space for listening and learning.
There are three ways to host:
1) Invitational Hosting: we can provide a MNV invitation for you to use to invite 8-10 guests to your home, and we assign a moderator to come and facilitate the evening.
2) Partnered Hosting: If you have some folks you would like to invite, but not enough for a gathering of 8-10 guests, we can provide the moderator as well as additional guests to fill the table.
3) Hospitality Hosting: If you would just like to offer your hospitality and home and have us provide all the guests, we can do that, too.
To sign up for hosting, go to myneighborsvoice.org and fill out the application form. Mary Anne or Victoria will respond with information and materials and answer any questions you may have.
SEE Recipes and Menu Suggestions below:

From Moderator Bonnie Pettus
A MNV Moderator's Musings
As a moderator, I see my role as one of holding a safe space for the group and each person who has bravely brought themselves to the table that evening. Personally, I don't like to be pigeon holed as a one issue person or to be stereotyped in any way, based on my age, gender, or where I grew up. With this in mind, I come to the table sharing the same sense of openness and inclusion for everyone that I would wish for myself.

That said, sometimes I find myself speaking 'carefully' when it's my question. Balancing my thoughts, beliefs and principals.  As I learned from a recent table, we often find ourselves, within our three minute response, constructing and tempering our thoughts so they come out in a way that's not offensive or incendiary. Because we all want to be heard. Maybe this is a very intended consequence of the listening exercise - we learn to frame our deep and passionate beliefs in ways that can be heard by those whom we live with, in this community.

In this regard, My Neighbor's Voice is a real personal growth point. It gives me a place to break bread with new friends and to truly consider opposing sides of an issue which I might have completely dismissed. I may not change my belief but for a portion of time, I have weighed and considered another viewpoint. I have heard how and why someone else thinks differently from me about something that is common to our human existence in this country and on our planet. This is my most fascinating take away from the MNV tables.

One of the best parts of the practice is, we listen seven, eight or sometimes, 10 times more than we speak in any given round. I think this is the greatest challenge. To weigh various opinions and facts that are presented. And then, we remain still and listen some more.

My Neighbor's Voice is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which facilitates hospitable gatherings where neighbors near and far share a simple meal and listen to each other's stories and perspectives. In order to achieve the richest experience, the model is designed to welcome community members with a broad spectrum of viewpoints.
Thank you to all who are supporting our work and vision; who trust and believe in our ability to discern a gracious and welcoming path to building stronger and resilient communities:
Joan Pittman
James H. Chance
Bob Chance
Betty L. Smith
Nancy Williams
Roxanne Vatalaro
Kelly Chance
Paul Gaeto
Michelle Shain
Steven Christianson
Lynn Coleman
Thomas Nicoll
Lyndon Vestal
John Featherby
Sharon Campbell
Peggy Larson
Tom Kent
Sam Lyons
Deb Richardson-Moore
Kathy Tomashitis
Ross McClain
Aneesh Borah
JoAnn Borovicka
Michael Brodeur
Luci Fernandez

Join other brave souls in supporting this good work!

My Neighbor's Voice is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
We Want To Hear Your Voice!