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(Nashville, Tenn.) Apr. 05 , 2018-- My name is Victoria Hearst. My family's company, the Hearst Corporation, publishes Cosmopolitan Magazine (also called Cosmo), which contains pornography and is in violation of the Material Harmful to Minors laws. Click here to see the letter written by Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich sent to retailers after I showed her Cosmopolitan's sexual content.

These laws state that it is ILLEGAL to sell the kind of sexual content in this magazine to anyone under 18 years of age. Please see accompanying Cosmo Magazine pages below.

On April 2nd, the New York Post ran an article titled "Magazine editors come to Cosmo's defense over sex exploitation claims."

The American Society of Magazine Editors is confused. They are up in arms over a recent business decision by Walmart Corporation.

Guided by concerns from the National Center On Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and consumers, Walmart moved Cosmopolitan Magazine from the checkout line racks in its stores to the less prominent magazine racks.

Cosmopolitan Magazine - April 2018
In addition to the barely dressed women on its covers, Cosmopolitan's latest issues have article titles such as: "Heat Up Sex! Sizzling Foreplay Techniques - Warm Toys For Your Hot Spots - Plus Our Famous Fire Starter Move." "Total Body Sex! These 9 Secret Spots 
Are Climax Triggers...When Touc hed This Way," " Hot Sex Skills!!! How To Get & Give Supreme Pleasure." 

This is clearly ADULT MATERIAL that should NOT be in a checkout line where children can see it.  The members of the American Society of Magazine Editors obviously have NO CLUE what is in Cosmopolitan Magazine, because they attacked the National Center On Sexual Exploitation, stating, "If the self-proclaimed moral guardians of NCOSE are truly interested in joining the struggle for gender equality, they should respect, rather than attempt to regulate, the right of all Americans to read what they want."

Cosmopolitan Magazine - April 2018
REALITY CHECK: First,  Walmart's decision to MOVE A PRODUCT FROM ONE AREA OF ITS STORES TO ANOTHER is NOT infringing on "the right of all Americans to read what they want."

Second, if Walmart, or any other store, chose to STOP selling Cosmopolitan Magazine or any other product, that is their "RIGHT." This is a free country. Americans can buy Cosmo somewhere else.

The American Society of Magazine Editors has made a juvenile, ignorant, and ridiculous accusation against NCOSE. It is the type of accusation that people make when they have NO GOOD ARGUMENT. 

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About Victoria Hearst: 
Miss Victoria Hearst  is the  daughter of Randolph Apperson Hearst and the granddaughter of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst. She  is the founder of Praise Him Ministries/Ridgway Christian Center in Ridgway, CO. She  sits on the boards of Billye Brim Ministry/Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks and Operation Blessing Japan. As a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people, Miss Hearst is a member of the OR Movement World Leadership Council. The OR Movement designs and develops communities for Jews in Israel's Negev and Galilee regions. 

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