Hello again! I've been really looking forward to letting y'all know that I tried a new southern food this week! Grits Pie. It sounds terrible, doesn't it! When my friend, Annie, asked if I wanted to try it, I said NOT! Seriously? Only in the south would they make a pie out of grits. I tried it. It was delicious! I'm so glad I sold my treadmill when I moved - I'd have to be running on it all day to make up for all that sugar. No treadmill - no problem. I can just eat more pie! What will these clever southern ladies come up with next?
Ever have one of those months where you can't seem to finish what you've started? I'm in the middle of a new Halloween set, I desperately want to finish the Cinderella Carriage for the Castle, my new lace set is half done, my Playful Threads set is still waiting for my attention, a new ribbon holder set is floating around in my brain, and the list goes on. Instead, I got completely sidetracked with this new mini set. Here's how it happened... I decided to put my Victorian Trellis vines on sale for you this week. When I started looking at the vines, I remembered how pretty they are, then I remembered that I have new hoops! You can see where this is going. I just had to add some new designs to this vintage set, then I just had to add a bit more to make this pretty pillow.
So the new Victorian Trellis Pillow is done, and my other projects are still sitting there waiting for me. Hmph. I need more hours in a day!! I made this pillow in two hoopings with my largest hoop. The pillow has overlapping sections and buttons in the back, and both of these pieces are made at the same time.
You can make a gorgeous placemat or a wall hanging if you prefer. I think it would also make a beautiful christening pillow. I left the stippled oval blank so you can add a name or another pretty design if you want (although I quite like it as it is)! By the by, I stole these designs from one of my Dad's sketchbooks many years ago. Not sure he ever meant for them to be seen in pink, but I think he'd approve anyway!
My pillow will go in my new guest bedroom - once Spooky lets me move it, of course! Got to get that room pretty for family to come visit (hint, hint, family!!) The new Victorian Trellis Pillow is on sale this week.
If you want to make your own project with the elegant scroll border, you can also find it in my Victorian Trellis set (without the oval in the middle). If you already own this set, download it again to get several new large hoop designs! The Companion set includes the smaller vines shown on the linen bed skirt below, along with a whole bunch more designs. Both of these sets are on sale this week, and you can find them all here.
Have you seen the new line of Halloween decorations at the stores yet? Oh my goodness!! There are black cats everywhere, and they all say "Spooky!" Boy did they get my number! I don't know how I'll resist buying it all. I'll need to stock up on black paint to cover up that eye, though! 😜
Since many of you have asked me to put my Halloween sets on sale early this year, here's one of my wicked favorites! Of course Himself likes it - and do you see his little needle book tucked under his paw? He brought it up with him when he posed for this picture!
Use this set to make large trick-or-treat bags for the experienced candy collector, eerily cute placemats for fine Halloween dining, or petrifying pillows for dreams of headless horsemen. OK - they're not really petrifying, but it sounded fun! Get Wicked is on sale this week, so go Get Wicked! Ha!
I liked making this set so much, I made a bunch of tutorials with it! You can find them all here. Sadly, Spooky isn't in any of these videos, as I made them just before he showed up at my door. Might have to redo them all!
It's almost time for my annual sale! Woot woot! It will start next Thursday, and I'll send you a 40% off coupon code to use on all of my regularly priced embroidery designs! Just so you know - this week's sales are more than 40% off, so if you like them, get 'em now! Once you're in your cart, make sure to pick your format for this crazy gift with purchase!
The Spooks and I are off to play a bit more in the sewing room, and who knows what will distract us next. Hope you have a great day, and make sure to start putting your favorite designs in your cart (or in your wish list) so you'll be ready for next week's sale!

Shelly and Himself